Sally Kern Fears PO’d Gays Might Kill Her

Apparently, not only does Sally Kern think gays are a bigger threat than terrorists (as I posted about awhile back), but she (and her husband) are afraid that the gays are coming to get her!

In an interview on a conservative news radio program, as reported by The Advocate, Kern stated that “’fear gripped my whole body’ when she realized she was receiving angry emails from gay people after a video of her remarks about gays and terrorists was posted online in March 2008.”

This woman needs to be checked out by a good psychiatrist for paranoid schizophrenia.

Homosexuals aren’t the ones committing the hate crimes. If she reads or watches the news, she should know that gays are the ones who are killed by people like her. How many times have you heard of a gay man or woman attacking someone and killing them for being straight or spouting hate? Now, count how many times you’ve heard of a straight person killing a homosexual for simply being homosexual.

So, Kern needs to not worry. No one is plotting her doom, not even the Gay Mafia. While they aren’t amused about her speaking ill of homosexuals, they are more displeased by her hairdo. I mean, really? Who thinks various shades of grey that descend into poo-brown highlights is en vogue? Even though she screams for an extreme (and I do mean extreme) makeover, the Gay Mafia hasn’t ordered the hit. Yet.

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