Herman Cain: Homosexuality Washes Off

ThinkProgress reported that in an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN Presidential Republican front runner Herman Cain still believes that homosexuality is both a sin and a choice. In fact, during the interview Cain once again reiterated that he has seen no science to disprove his belief, despite the fact that the American Psychological Association says that it is not. They have many studies (AKA science) to back them up.

In fact, “when Morgan pushed him that race and sexual orientation were comparable, Cain explained that race is different because it ‘doesn’t wash off.'”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve taken many showers and not once have I emerged as a heterosexual (even when I tried to force it before coming out). Cain continues to reside quite happily in his ignorance and prejudice and is unwilling to accept the many documented studies by an august medical association, such as the APA. To claim that a section of the American public, whom he wants to govern, can simply change their sexual orientation by showering is preposterous.

Just as taking a shower won’t cleanse Cain of his prejudice, a good scrub won’t make me (or any other gay individual) straight.

Here’s the interview if you want to see it.


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