In NH: House Bill Passes to Repeal Marriage Equality

ThinkProgress reports sad news for gay marriage. The House Judiciary Committee in New Hampshire voted today (11-6) to repeal marriage equality in the state. This vote comes in complete surprise since the majority of the state’s residents favor marriage equality by 60%. Click here to read more about the vote.

Even Craig Stowell, a Republican who is also co-chair of Standing Up for New Hampshire Families says that “There is no reason to overturn New Hampshire’s popular marriage law that simply protects all families and treats all loving couples equally. This isn’t a so-called compromise and it completely ignores voters’ wishes to leave this issue alone and get back to the real business of the state.”

Still, hope remains on the horizon. “The vote didn’t pass with even the majority necessary to override the governor’s veto, meaning this effort to undermine New Hampshire families lacks momentum as Republicans and Democrats are united in bipartisan opposition,” according to local reports.

The bill heads to a full vote in January, so we can only hope that the people of New Hampshire will make their voices heard to stop marriage equality from being destroyed in their state.

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