Top 5 Weirdest Halloween Costumes

I’m attending two Halloween parties this weekend, and our costumes hit a bit of a snafu when they arrived yesterday. Let’s just say, spandex is not my best friend! So, it’s time to return to the drawing board. My husband is trying his best to salvage the situation. True to form, I retreat to my computer when faced with any form of manual labor–including reworking a costume.

So while he toils and troubles, I hit the Internet to find the weirdest costumes I could find–at least weirder than me in spandex.

Beach Man

#1 Beach Man

Does anyone else find it bizarre that this individual thought to attach an assortment of beach parephernelia to his body and call it a costume? I don’t typically pass by a sandbox and think: hey, I could wear that! But I’m weird that way.

What also bothers me here is that I have absolutely no idea what that monkey shaped disc covering his junk is. I don’t really want to find out, but it definitely could have been bigger. And I don’t even want to take a gander and what’s covering his rear. If I had to guess, I would say nothing, and that’s just too scary to contemplate!

I will give this man kudos, however, for daring to wear (much less be photographed) in this outfit. I wore my spandex clad costume for thirty seconds, and that was thirty seconds too long. There was no way anyone was going to see me in that!


Frog costume#2 Frog Lady?

This costume confuses me for more than how ridiculous it looks. I’m uncertain what it’s supposed to be. It looks somewhat like a frog, but from what I know about amphibian anatomy, they don’t have more than four legs. This one appears to have eight!

Perhaps it’s a bizarre frog/spider hybrid, but whatever it is, it needs to hop away.

The green track suit alone is enough to elicit screams of terror!


The Crapper#3 Mr. Crapper

First of all, I don’t even want to know how the idea for this costume came up! Far too many gross possibilities swirl their way to the top of my thinktank.

I must, however, give this costume points for ingenuity even though the whole concept seems like a bad idea to me!

You just know that some drunk fool at the party is going to attempt to pee on him or worship at his throne after too much imbibing.

He’s just an accident waiting to happen, and considering how he’s dressed, he’s really just asking for it!


#4 WTF

Words fail me.

I simply have no clue as to what this is.

I see two men in see through spandex, proudly displaying what appears to be a leather speedo and a boxer brief. But I have no idea why one has two oversized red antennae (which resemble sausages) jutting from his head while holding the hand of his friend in yellow face paint and blue spandex.

I’m stumped!

Everything about this is wrong.


Boy in a pizza box

#5 Boy in a Pizza Box

Okay, so maybe this costume isn’t as weird as the others, but I just had to include it!

It’s certainly minimalistic, but a great idea for what I can only assume is a college Halloween party.

College students sometimes lack funds to go all out for costumes, but he certainly made do with what he had–a pizza box no doubt left lying in his dorm room for the past week.

The good thing about this costume though is that it makes me want a slice of pizza or at the very least some pepperoni.









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