Rush Limbaugh: School Tolerance to Blame in Student Murder

The trial of Brian McInereny, the young man who shot and killed fellow middle school student Larry King in February 2008, has concluded. As reported on ThinkProgress, “McInerney will spend 21 years in prison, until he is 38 years old, and avoid a second trial.”

At the age of 14, McInereny pulled a handgun from his backpack and shot King in the back of his head because King allegedly acted flamboyantly in school. Now, at 17 years old, McInereny faces the next 21 years of his life in prison.

This story is beyond tragic. The lives of two young men have been ended because of hate and intolerance.

But, what makes this story even more tragic is Rush Limbaugh’s comments. Limbaugh believes that Oxnard Middle School, where both boys attended, shares responsibilities in King’s death “because school authorities were interested in promoting a homosexual agenda and had not done enough to dissuade King from dressing in women’s accessories, wearing makeup, and flirting with male students.”

This is ridiculous because Limbaugh’s idiocy sound too much like blaming the victim. I remember arguments a few decades ago blaming a woman for being raped if she wore suggestive clothing. So since King acted too much like a girl, he was simply asking to be assaulted? Give me a break!

Limbaugh needs to not blame the victim or the school for an individual’s choices. No one forced McInereny to pack a gun for school that day. No one made him pull the gun out and pull the trigger. Those actions were McInereny’s alone, no matter how disheartening that is.




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