NC Family Values Organization: Gays Murder Marriage

As I’ve posted before, the battle for marriage equality is heating up in North Carolina. A state constitutional amendment defining marriage is slated for the polls in May, state senators are now backpedaling from the wording of the bill they helped create, and even a North Carolina Baptist Church is standing up for gay marriage.

Proponents of marriage inequality, however, are launching their assaults against gay marriage, as reported by Queerty.

The North Carolina Family Policy Council, a self-professed “defender of traditional marriage” (as worded on their website), has published its quarterly publication titled Family North Carolina that “doesn’t just single out the gays as murderers of traditional marriages. It singles out the gays and everyone who supports them!”

The bride and groom caught in the crosshairs, which is the featured image for this post, is the image the NCFPC is using in their publication. Apparently, according to the NCFPC, anyone who favors equality is attempting to murder the rights of “traditional” people everywhere. What people like the NCFPC fail to see is that the people in the crosshairs are those who are being discriminated against!

Think about it. In the 1960’s when civil rights for African Americans were at the forefront of this nation’s civil liberties fight, who was really in the cross hairs? The white majority who felt their rights were being infringed upon or the African Americans who were being discriminated against?

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