Straight, Married, Republican MS Assistant Principal Arrested as Pedophile

Patrick Lott, Assistant Principal for Bernardsville Middle School in New Jersey, was arrested last week for allegedly filming boys while showering in the locker room of Immaculata High School, as reported by Unicorn Booty.

Apparently, “videos of nude teenagers were found in his Somerville home,” which was searched after a student filed a complaint against Lott. Once authorities entered his residence, they found more than three years worth of video footage of boys, nine of who were under the age of 16. When police officials searched Immaculata HS, they found the surveillance equipment used to spy on and record the children.

Lott, a Republican, straight, and happily married man, who once ran for political office in his county now awaits his day in court to answer for his alleged crimes.

Some of you may be wondering why I am posting about this disgusting news event. I do so to point out that Lott is a straight man, married with children. Many anti-gay individuals love to say that pedophiles are gay men and that same sex couples will destroy the values of traditional marriage. I wonder how the actions of this straight, married, Republican work into that rhetoric?

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