Gay Marriage Coming to New Jersey?

It just might be!

Today, politicians in New Jersey advanced a bill to allow marriage equality in the state by a vote of 8-4, as reported by ThinkProgress. In order for the bill to become law, it must pass the full senate as well as the governor. Previously, Governor Chris Christie had pledged to veto any bill promoting marriage equality; however, public opinion in the state shows that “52 percent — support marriage equality while only 42 percent oppose it. Likewise, 65 percent believe same-sex marriage is not a threat to traditional marriage, 53 percent agree that denying same-sex marriage is a form of discrimination, and 66 percent [support] adoption rights for same-sex couples.”

As such, Christie has revamped his views in favor of public opinion. He is now utilizing a “wait and see approach” to what happens with the state’s elected politicians. If the bill passes the Senate, Christie might not veto the bill since doing so might be seen as “offensive and discriminatory” and be “politically unpopular” for his career.

While Christie’s motives might be far from altruistic, it certainly shows that he is willing to put the wishes of his constituents above his own personal bias. In my opinion, that’s what a good politician does.

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