NH Governor Will Veto GOP Attempt to Repeal Gay Marriage

John Lynch, Republican Governor of New Hampshire, announced during his State of the State address that he would veto any attempt by the state’s lawmakers to repeal gay marriage, as reported in Queerty.

You can listen to what Governor Lynch had to say below.


Thankfully, in a state where Republicans have the majority, enough state Republicans share Governor Lynch’s sentiment, such as Republican Representative Steve Winter, who had this to say to theĀ Concord Monitor:

I’m for liberty and freedom, leaving people alone so long as they don’t harm or defraud other people…I believe what people do with their lives, how they select their mates, is none of my business and none of the state’s business.”

It’s nice to know that there are politicians out there who listen to the wishes of their constituents. As I’ve posted before, most citizens in New Hampshire don’t want to repeal the marriage equality law and have even fought back with their own campaign.

It’s my hope that the politicians in New Hampshire continue to do the right thing and not let the ignorance and prejudice of some politicians to destroy equality in New Hampshire.

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