TN Principal to Gay Students: “You’re Going to Hell”

Once again, rampant homophobia from an educator strikes in Tennessee. (If you want to read about previous troubles in Tennessee, click here, here, here, or here, or maybe you should just avoid Tennessee altogether like I plan on doing.)

Dorothy Bond, Principal of Haywood HS in Brownsville, Tennessee, held an assembly about PDA but told gay students in attendance that “if you’re gay you’re going to hell,” as reported on Towleroad. After those hateful comments, she also said, “…and if you’re pregnant, your life is over.”

Naturally, parents are up in arms over Bond’s statements, and many are calling for her to be disciplined. I understand that public school educators sometimes have to take a hard line with students in order to establish order, such as rampant PDA. As a parent, I would prefer for such actions to be monitored, whether gay or straight. Hormones in high school are already out of control, so there’s no need to encourage inappropriate behavior.

But what Principal Bond said crossed the line. She has no authority to pass judgment on the students in her school. It’s not her place to single out communities within the school and tell them they are going to hell or that their lives are over. It’s her duty to see the rules are followed and that students are educated according to the state’s guidelines. The rest she needs to leave up to the parents and their chosen religious doctrines.

Principal Bond needs to go back to school and learn what is and is not within her authority.


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