Top 5 Bad Tattoo Ideas

If you’re like me, you might find tattoos fascinating. I don’t have one myself because, well, I’m a wimp when it comes to inflicting pain upon myself. I’m not afraid of needles, and I take my immunizations like a good boy, but I personally don’t want to seek out someone to plunder my skin with a thousand needle strikes in order to place an image upon my body. Besides, I lack the attention span to be able to sit still for the hours long process.

However, I did find these really bad tattoos that did make me sit still long enough to scratch my head and laugh.

Bad Tattoo #1: Really? What possessed this young woman to want a picture of a Great White eating someone in her armpit? Perhaps it stinks like chum under there or something, and this is her way of warning people to stay away. I know it worked for me.

Shark pit

The Shark Pit










Bad Tattoo# 2: I know that love can conquer all, but I don’t necessarily concur with this statement! Next time this person gets a tattoo, I hope either he or his tattoo artist double check their spelling. This is one mistake whiteout can’t fix.

Bad Tattoo Idea

Spell Check Needed









Bad Tattoo#3: Okay, I’m not really good at directions, but come on! Don’t get lost with this goofy gal or you’ll wind up in China when you were trying to get to Hawaii!

Bad Tattoo 3

Next time: ask for directions









Bad Tattoo #4: This person gives new meaning to the word fanatic! I grew up with Bob Barker, and I enjoyed his tenure on The Price is Right, but this is going a bit too far! This tattoo won’t get this person any dates, and I doubt anyone will be screaming for him to “come on down!” This person should be neutered, not his pet!

Bad tattoo 4

The Celebrity Stalker










Bad Tattoo #5: This one was funnier than just plain awful, but I just had to add it. If your arm pit hair length bothers you that much, just shave it off. No need to advertise that you want it trimmed. Makes me wonder if he has a weedwacker tattooed over his groin.

Bad tattoo 5


New Web Series: Where The Bears Are

I came across this new web series “Where The Bears Are” which starts August 1.

The series is being called a mix between “Golden Girls” and “Murder She Wrote.” It follows three friends who share a house in Los Angeles and find a dead body in their bathtub after a wild party. Based on the trailer, which I’ve provided below, the show has a quirky cast of characters that promise some hairball hilarity.

Starting August 1, you can watch the series at

(story via Queerty)

Stonewall Riots: 43rd Anniversary

43 years ago today on June 28, 1969, The Stonewall Riots occurred in New York City. Many people in the nation, including the younger gay generation, are ignorant to the significance of this day in our nation’s history. While June has become National Pride Month, celebrated by parades and parties nationwide, Stonewall is often overlooked.

We simply cannot let that happen. Why is that?

Because without the riots at the Stonewall Inn, caused by gays and lesbians who had grown tired of being persecuted, we would not have the Gay Rights Movement we have today. Without those pioneers for equal treatment under the law, gay pride wouldn’t exist. Neither would same sex marriage or a president that has come out in support of gay marriage.

The progress we made started on the streets of New York City at Stonewall Inn, when the persecuted minority rose up and found its voice, and it is that voice that has carried us as far as we have come and will continue to carry us to full equality. Those voices gave birth to the parades, parties, and clubs we now take for granted because prior to Stonewall, those gatherings were illegal.

That’s what I tell my friends who ask me: I support gay rights, but I don’t understand the “need to parade.” Why do gay people feel compelled to line up in streets in provocative costumes and make spectacles of themselves?

The answer is quite simple–because we now can. Many people have no clue what it’s like to live your life in the dark, but homosexuals do. Now that we are no longer forced inside the dark closet of shame, we “parade” to tell the world that we are here, we are not going anywhere, and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. Ever. Again.

So, to those brave men and women who fought back at Stonewall, I applaud you, but more importantly I respect how you helped shape the nation from what it was to what it now is. We still have a way to go, but with the strength and the voice you gave us, we will get there.

Dangerous Relationships: Telemundo Fires Up A Gay Story

A new gay story is heating up the television sets on Telemundo. Although his father wants him to marry Nora, the closeted Diego is in love with her best friend Alejandro. Check out the clip that reveals their profession of love, the botched proposal, and then Diego and Alejandro preparing for a night of discovery. 🙂

In Nevada: Politicians Favor Brothel Over Marriage Equality

When I first saw this posted on ThinkProgress, I had to do a double take. According to a recent poll in Nevada, politicians in the “All For Our Country” State favor making brothels legal by a ratio of 3 to 1 over marriage equality.

Apparently, it’s good family values to pay for sex and cheat on your spouse. Well, better than two adults of the same gender committing to each other and raising a family. What does this tell us about our “family values” in this country?

For me, it reveals the true colors of many who oppose marriage equality. It’s okay for those people to screw up their own families with their own skewed version of “family values” because two men and two women are incapable of entering into a long-term, committed relationship and raise children.

Yeah, right. Tell that to your prostitute on your next visit, Nevada politicians

My Thoughts on Father’s Day

Father’s Day never was a really big deal when I was growing up or even as a young adult. You see, my father has been absent for most of my life. He’s still alive, he’s remarried, and has six daughters with his new wife, but I’ve never met these half-sisters and haven’t spoken to the man who contributed to my creation in years.

As such, the day never really merited much celebration. I had good male role models, my grandfather and step-father. I happily celebrated the day for them and made sure they knew how much I appreciated them, but inside my heart, I knew they weren’t my biological father, and since he didn’t seem to give a damn, I never really gave a damn about the day either.

But eleven years ago something happened to change my perspective. My daughter was born, and I suddenly realized how important Father’s Day truly is.

Please don’t misinterpret my meaning. I’m in no way suggesting that Father’s Day is now important to me because I am now the father. Although I enjoy being appreciated by my sweet angel, this day is more than a celebration of me. I now understand that I am the father I am now because of the father I had (or didn’t have).

Bad role models are sometimes far more powerful than good role models.

Because of my father, I’m a constant presence in my daughter’s life, even though I’m now divorced from her mother. She spends more than half of her time with me, and we have developed a special bond that is ours and no one else’s. I’m her playmate, confidante, snuggle bunny, but also her disciplinarian and authority figure. She has my unconditional love and never has to wonder “does Daddy love me?” She hears how much I love her every single day.

Had I not had the father I did, I might have taken my munchkin for granted or lived in the periphery of her life. I might not have taken the extra steps that all fathers should take to ensure that their child feels safe, loved, and cherished. I’m not always the good guy. In fact, there are days when I feel like I’m nothing but a pain in her ass, but all actions I take in her life, whether a hug or a reprimand, show her how much I truly love her and that no matter what, this daddy is here to stay.

So on this Father’s Day of my 39th year of life, this is my Happy Father’s Day to the man who gave me life. Without you, I wouldn’t be the man I am today, and I, and my daughter, sincerely thank you for that!