Character Interview with Gabriel of The Gifted One

Today, we conclude our two-part character interview of the main characters from my soon-to-be-released novel The Gifted OneIf you missed part one of my interview with Matt Westlake, click here.

The Gifted One


Today, I’ll be sitting down with the archangel Gabriel, who is currently residing in Houston, Texas, which is a loooooong way from his home in Heaven.

Gabriel, I must first thank you for actually coming to the interview. When I sent the request, I was uncertain if you would come. I know you are extremely busy and have many other more important tasks. So, once again, thank you.

Gabriel: It is true that sitting here answering questions is a frivolous activity, especially considering the magnitude of my heavenly duties. However, Matt requested that I accept the invitation, so I’m here at his behest. Therefore, you have him to thank for my presence. I, of course, will communicate your appreciation to him.

Um, thank you.

Gabriel: Once again, you are welcome.

So, why don’t we just get started then?

Gabriel: That would not only be wise but an efficient use of both of our time.

Okay, so I gather you’re not much of a talker. You seem far more task-oriented.

Gabriel: Indeed. I’m not an angel of words. If you want one who prattles on endlessly, then I’d be glad to see if my brothers Uriel or Raphael are available. They are certainly more lax with their time and how they spend it. I, however, am not. There’s a great deal Father has charged me with accomplishing. I see no need to chatter idly when there is a task to be completed.

And by Father, you, of course, mean God?

Gabriel: Naturally. God is the mortal word for our Father, but to me He is simply Father.

I hope you don’t think this silly, so please forgive me, but chatting with a heavenly being is not an every day occurrence. When you speak about God and the other angels, your references make you sound like a family. Is that the way you would describe your relationship with the other archangels as well as with God?

Gabriel: Most definitely. We are a family, and Father sits as the head of our family.

I have to admit that I find that rather intriguing. How would you describe your heavenly family? Do you share meals together and talk about your days? Are there disagreements or do all the angels get along?

Gabriel: First of all, we don’t eat. As immortal beings, we do not require sustenance or sleep, so no, we do not share meals together. We do, however, gather in the Throne Room upon occasion to discuss matters of great importance. My brothers and I, the archangels, are Father’s messengers in the world. We are charged with carrying out important duties as ascribed to our various functions. If the task requires mercy, love, justice, wisdom, healing, peace, or vengeance, one of us is dispatched to bring the matter to its appropriate conclusion, and sometimes, how each of us deals with the matter at hand can lead to disagreement.

My brother Michael and I are constantly at odds. Though I love my brother dearly, his tendency toward mercy and leniency is sometimes a slap in the face of vengeance. Not every situation is brought to resolution through compassion and forgiveness. Sometimes, the sword of retribution is the only appropriate answer.

So you prefer reprisal to rehabilitation?

Gabriel: Not at all. For those truly repentant of their sins, mercy brings justice and healing. However, Michael feels as if all are worthy of a second chance. That is not always the case. True evil walks the earth in various forms, and for those who embrace only the dark, I stand in wait to greet them.

I would assume the true evil you are referencing has something to do with the task Father has sent you to complete. Since you’ve been seen in close proximity to Matt Westlake in the past few days, I shall assume that the task is somehow linked to him. Is Matt the evil you must eradicate?

Gabriel: (extremely upset) Of course NOT! Matthew Westlake possesses a strength of character and soul that I’ve not had the pleasure of encountering in untold centuries. I’ve been sent to protect Matt from the evil that swirls wretchedly about him, and I would sacrifice my immortal soul to guarantee him but one more second of breath upon this earth.

I must admit that your reaction took me a bit by surprise. I hope you can forgive me for saying this, but you sound as if you’re in love with Matt. Are you?

Gabriel: (visibly shaken) I love all members of Father’s flock. It is my sworn duty to protect them.

I have no doubt about that. However, when you spoke of Matt, I couldn’t help notice how your eyes lit up. For most of our interview, you’ve been emotionally reserved, but with one mention of Matt, you’ve become someone else entirely.

Gabriel: Yes, well, I am charged with protecting Matthew Westlake. I take my duties extremely seriously. Your question attacked his character by assuming such a wonderful soul like Matt might be evil. I had no choice but to come to his rescue and defend him.

And that’s it? There’s nothing more to your feelings for Matt?

Gabriel: I will only say this. While I’m alive no harm will come to Matt from any creature whether it be from heaven, hell, or earth. On that, you have my word.

Okay, then, since you’ve brought it up. Why is Matt in such danger from creatures from heaven, hell, and Earth? 

Gabriel: That is a question I’m not free to answer for a multitude of reasons. However, I can say this: Matt is an extremely special man, both to the future potential of the world as well as to those who love him. His unlocked potential makes him a target, and my physical presence in his life has…complicated matters. As a result, Matt is carefully scrutinized from above and below as well as locked in a dangerous dance with earthly agents intent on doing him harm. It is my job to see to it that he survives it all unscathed so that when destiny finally opens the door for Matt, he shall be able to walk through it. To accomplish that task, I stand ready to sacrifice all that I am for all that Matt promises to be.

Thank you, Gabriel. I appreciate everything that you’ve shared with us today, and I can tell by the sudden look in your eye that you have to leave.

Gabriel: I must. A storm is brewing outside, and I must make my way to Matt at once!

Good luck, Gabriel. To you, to Matt, and to whatever the future may yet bring.

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