The Gifted One: Blog Tour–Stop #2 Top2Bottom Reviews

Top2Bottom Reviews is the second stop on my blog tour for The Gifted One. The subject of my blog post is whether horror and romance make good bedmates. What do you think? Stop on by, read what I have to say, and comment on your thoughts by clicking here. I also share an excerpt from The Gifted One.  I hope you enjoy it.

Don’t forget: if you leave a comment, you’re entered to win a free copy of TGO. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Gifted One: Blog Tour–Stop #2 Top2Bottom Reviews

  1. Maybe I’m just a chicken, but I don’t like horror of any kind, then to mix horror and romance …. I would never have sex again. Fantasy horror doesn’t bother me but some psychopathic killer, just to real for me.

    (I’m a grown woman with 2 grown kids but still sleep with my dogs in the room)

    ps: I’ve read 1/3 of The Gifted One and love it so far!!

    • JoAnn, I know many people like that. My husband HATES scary movies, but I force him to watch the. I’m glad you’re enjoying TGO so far. Let me know what you think. 🙂

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