Character Interview with Van Pierce of When Love Takes Over

Today, I conclude my two-part interview series with the main characters from my upcoming book When Love Takes Over. If you missed my interview with Zach Kelly, click here.



Today, I’ll be chatting with Van Pierce, who lives in Provincetown, and who is most commonly known as adult film star Hart Throb from Nasty Boy Studios.

Van Pierce AKA Hart Throb

Van Pierce AKA Hart Throb

Van, thank you so much for sitting down with me today. It isn’t every day that I get a famous porn star on my blog. I’m thrilled to have you here!

Van: Thank you for inviting me. It’s always a pleasure to meet a fan. And to be interviewed. The press is good for business.

I bet! Although, I can’t believe that you need any press whatsoever. You’re one of the top performers for Nasty Boy Studios. Your last film Fucking in the Rain was quite a phenomenal success. Record sales were through the roof, and I hear there’s been talk of making you a Nasty Boy’s exclusive. Is that true?

Van: It is. I’m currently in negotiations with the studio about it. We have a few things to iron out, but if all parties are happy with the outcome, I think we might just be able to seal a deal.

That’s great news for you, the studio, and your fans, who adore you as I’m sure you are quite aware.

Van: (laughing) It’s hard not to be aware of it. I can’t even walk down Commercial Street without my fans surrounding me, wanting photos or autographs. And I’ve been asked to autograph some pretty interesting things.

Well now, you’ve got to tell me. Just what have you autographed?

Van: Let’s see. I’ve autographed life-sized posters of me, jockstraps, dildos, Flesh Jacks, and I even signed one guy’s cock. He just whipped it out right there in the middle of P-town, asking me to sign it.

Oh my God! Really? What did you do?

Van: What else could I do? I signed it. It was a nice cock too. Good girth to it. I told him he could have a promising future in porn.

What did he say?

Van: He said he wanted to do a scene with me. But not on camera.


Van: Well, it was a really nice cock. I would’ve been stupid to turn down a free ride.

Does that happen often? Do your fans try to get you into bed?

Van: Not really, no. The guy whose cock I signed was actually the first and only one to ever try.

Why is that? I would think the guys would be lining up to have a chance at Hart Throb.

Van: I know, right? But I’ve found that hasn’t been the case. Nino, who’s my best friend, thinks that my job intimidates them. Which I could certainly see why. I mean, I have sex with hung, hot, muscled studs for a living. I’m sure most guys think they can’t compete with that.

I think that’s a fair statement. But is it true? Could an average guy compete with your costars? Would you ever date someone who wasn’t in porn?

Van: Those are two very different questions. Sure, an average guy could compete with my costars. Sex isn’t about having a perfect body or a ten inch cock. While I enjoy a nice body just like every other gay man, it’s not like a requirement or anything. Nobody’s perfect. We all have flaws. It just might not look that way in the adult film business because we have film crews and lighting that make sure we always look our best. That doesn’t happen in real life.

That’s true. Although, how awesome would that be? Having someone follow us around to make sure we are always in the best light or covering up all flaws with makeup? I could use that.

Van: I don’t know. All that lighting and makeup is good for the set. Because a good porn is all about fantasy. But there’s something to be said for reality. Besides, perfection is overrated. I’d take a good hot mess over perfection any time. It’s just more true to life.

Really? I find that a refreshing and endearing comment. Especially since I’m far from perfect and far closer to a hot mess. 

Van: (laughing) Aren’t we all?

Too true! So how about answering my other question? Would you ever date a man who was not in porn?

Van: No. But that’s just because I don’t date.

What? Don’t date? How is that possible?

Van: Dating’s too much trouble, so I don’t do it.

Is that because you are Hart Throb? Do guys have trouble seeing past your porn persona to the person you are?

Van: Again, you ask two different questions. No, I don’t date because of my job, but yes, I think most people don’t see Van Pierce when they encounter me. They only see Hart Throb.

Okay we’ll get back to this “no dating” thing in a bit. I want to talk about Hart Throb. Does it bother you that Van is being lost to Hart?

Van: Honestly? It does. Don’t get me wrong. I have the greatest fans in the world, and I really love them. But it would be nice if they saw the real me sometimes. Not just the fantasy I’ve created.

That must be tough on you. I don’t know how I would handle that. But I’m sure your friends see who you really are.

Van: That they do, and they are some of the best people I know. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They’ve seen me through some truly tough times in my life.

Since you bring it up, would you care to elaborate on that? And do your tough times have anything to do with why you don’t date?

Van: Yes, they do. I’ve been hurt a lot in my life by guys who I’ve fallen in love with. I don’t know why. Maybe I wear my heart too much on my sleeve or something. But my heart’s been broken too many times. It’s one of the reasons I do porn instead of dating. There’s no chance in hell of having my heart broken on set. Porn is about sex. That’s it. There’s no danger in being hurt, and I truly like that.

But that must make life quite lonely? Not dating, not opening yourself up to anyone, and having most people only see Hart instead of Van.

Van: It does. But I’m a big boy. This is the life I’ve chosen, and I’ll deal. Besides, it’s not like I want a relationship or anything. I live in P-town for crying out loud. This place is all about getting off, and right now, I’m quite content with that.

Do you think that will ever change? You might just meet the one man who might make putting your heart on the line again worth the pain of heartbreak.

Van: Never. No one’s worth it. I’ve been there and done that. And that’s the reason I’m Hart Throb now.

Well, you know what they say in Provincetown, don’t you?

Van: They say a lot of things in P-town.

Never say never, Van. Because in Provincetown–

Van: Anything can happen.

Exactly! Thanks again for being here, Van, but that’s all the time we have for today. I wish you and Hart good luck for your futures, and who knows? Maybe this summer, someone will trip his way into your life. It is Provincetown after all.

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  1. Five days… I’m on the countdown. I’ve got my copy preordered and just waiting for the download button to pop up. If Van wants a “hot mess”, it sounds like Zach is his guy. I’m not sure about the “we all have flaws” thing. I looked at his picture REALLY closely and I’m not seeing the flaws. But then maybe that is his flaw… thinking he’s flawed.

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