Let’s Start Chasing the Sun

Now, that the When Love Takes Over blog tour is officially over, I figured it would be a perfect time to talk about the next book in The Provincetown Series, Chasing the Sun.

Chasing the Sun is a novella spin-off of When Love Takes Over.

What does that mean?

Well, in the case of Chasing the Sun, it means two things. The first is that this book will take us out of Provincetown and deposit us back in Zach Kelly’s home town of Victoria, Texas. So while the book is still in the same “world” as the first book, we have spun off from the original location of the series.

It also means that we leave behind most of the characters from When Love Takes Over and focus on a different cast for the novella.

Don’t fret though; our favorite MC’s from WLTO just might make an appearance or two in Chasing the Sun.

Just who will be the MC’s for Chasing the Sun?

Good question. Zach’s dad, Gil Kelly, will be one of the main characters. Zach’s best friend Tom Martinez will be the other.

If you’re wondering what will be going on in the book, well, here’s the official Dreamspinner blurb:

As a physician and prominent citizen of Victoria, Texas, Dr. Gil Kelly took a hard fall when his vengeful wife revealed his infidelity with other men. Closing ranks around her, the town’s elite ostracized him, and his relationship with his children was nearly destroyed.

After spending his life focused on living for others, he has no idea how to live for himself. He wants to find love but now settles for anonymous sex that only further clouds his world with shame and guilt. Gil believes finding true love is an unobtainable dream, what his father used to call “chasing the sun.”

Then he runs into Tom Martinez, his son’s childhood best friend, who returned to town a grown man and offers everything Gil needs. But Gil hesitates to fall into Tom’s arms, because after his high-profile divorce, the potential scandal of loving a younger man could separate him from his children permanently.

Spin off of When Love Takes Over (1st Provincetown Series book)

I hope you thought the blurb was as intriguing as I did. The folks over at DSP did a fabulous job. As always!

What else can be shared about Chasing the Sun?

Well, the novella will be releasing in October/November. Since I’ve already completed the second round of edits, I think it will most likely be released in October. However, don’t quote me on that. That’s just a guess on my part.

I will be offering up more information about Chasing the Sun as weeks progress. But there is one final thing I wanted to reveal here that I have yet to reveal anywhere else–the cover!

Chasing the Sun

It’s just amazing, isn’t it? The cover was created by Michael Breyette who also did the cover for When Love Takes Over. In fact, as I’ve mentioned before, Breyette’s work will grace the covers of all books in the series. I couldn’t be happier!

Well, that’s all I have to share with you for today. I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek at the next book in the series. Keep your eyes peeled for more in the upcoming weeks!

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: The Final Stop–Close Encounters of the Night Kind

Well, sadly, this is the final stop on my When Love Takes Over blog tour. I’ve had great fun traipsing all over the Internet, and I appreciate everyone who’s skipped along with me. It’s been fun, right? Of course it has! Who doesn’t love to skip?

I close out my tour with an interview over at Close Encounters of the Night Kind, and I have to tell you, I had a blast. I got to visit the dungeon, and, well, have a little me time while I was there. It was very relaxing. 😉

If you want to see what happened, click here and a leather clad Dom will appear. He’ll attach a leash to your neck and drag your naughty ass over to the dungeon. You’ll be able to read the interview, but after that, you’re all his. As if you’d have it any other way!

And this is the final opportunity to be entered to win a copy of When Love Takes Over. Leave a comment and you’re entered to win. Simple as that. If you want to increase your odds, then backtrack through the tour and leave comments at the other stops. That will increase your chances of winning. Who doesn’t like that?


Did the title of this post get your attention? Well, if you’re the naughty little visitors that I know and love, then it did. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But now that I have your attention, let me explain what The BJ Show is.

Yeah, I wish!

Yeah, I wish!

I’m afraid It’s not as titillating as going down on Ryan Gosling. But one can certainly hope, right?

The BJ Show is actually just my adorable husband and I playing around with the camera on our computer. No, you filthy little creatures! We weren’t doing that! Well, at least not that I can air for public consumption. Some things are meant to remain between husbands, aren’t they?

Seriously, though, Bruce and I decided to just turn on the camera, chat, and see what happens. We talk about living in a household with a gay romance author and a gay romance reviewer. We also discuss my really, really, really bad cooking. We’d never had so much fun making a video with so many clothes on. Um, I mean, we’ve never made a video before, and it was fun. Yeah, that’s what I meant!

Maybe we’ll do this more often. Who knows? But I thought I’d share the fruits of our labor with all of you.

I hope you enjoyI



When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #10–Top2Bottom

It’s hard to believe that today is my penultimate stop on my When Love Takes Over blog tour. How did that happen? It seems like just yesterday I was gearing up for the tour and now it’s almost over. How sad. 🙁

Thankfully, I’m at Top2Bottom today, which always makes me happy. Yay! I just love those guys and gals. They have always been very kind to me since I first broke out onto the m/m scene, so it’s always nice to return.

What am I talking about at Top2Bottom today? Well, during my interview, I discuss some of my favorite characters, how I plot, and other fun tidbits. If you’re interested in stopping by, click here and your favorite top or bottom will magically appear. He will ride you (or you’ll ride him) all the way over to the interview. How fun, right?

Don’t forget about the giveaway. It’s still going strong. If you leave a comment, you’ll be entered to win a free copy of When Love Takes Over. I hope to see you there! 🙂

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #9–Romance Lives Forever

I’m over at Romance Lives Forever today for my When Love Takes Over blog tour. I never had the privilege of being a guest over at RLF, and I jumped at the chance when the offer was extended.

And I brought along a special guest with me to RLF–Zach Kelly, one of the main characters from When Love Takes Over. Zach was interviewed by the RLF crew, and though he was a bit nervous, I thought he did a fabulous job. Especially since some of those questions were tough!

If you’re interested in learning more about Zach, the shy and inexperienced author from When Love Takes Over, then click here, and you’ll be swooshed on over to the interview.

Also, don’t forget to leave a comment. You’ll be entered to win a free copy of WLTO.

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #8 Joyfully Jay

I was super excited to continue my When Love Takes Over blog tour this week over at Joyfully Jay. Today’s post is an extra special stop though. Not only is Joyfully Jay part of my blog tour, but I’m also over at Joyfully Jay as part of the Joyful Approach, which is designed to introduce authors to readers who will be attending Gay Romance Lit in Atlanta this year.

Naturally, I had a blast with Jay. Who doesn’t? She’s just so kind, and she completely overlooks the fact that I keep stealing her sexy manservants. I just love her for that!

So what did I chat about with Jay? Well, I talked about the stunning cover for When Love Takes Over. I gush about the artwork and also explain just why I chose the particular piece of art I did for this book. It’s a good story and involved outdoor sex. So if that’s got your interest, click here, and Jay’s former manservant will come by, swoop you in his muscled arms, and carry you over to Jay.

And while you’re at Jay’s, leave a comment to be entered to win a free copy of When Love Takes Over. The giveaway is still going on, and if you’ve missed any of the other stops, you can backtrack and leave comments over there too. It increases your chances of winning, so get to commenting!

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #7–Romance Reviews Today

I’m over the halfway mark on my When Love Takes Over blog tour, and today, I’m over at Romance Reviews Today. It was my first visit at RRT, and I’m hoping to head back over there as soon as possible.

During my interview, I discuss my favorite scene from When Love Takes Over, and I also talk about the family and friends that have helped me in becoming a writer. If you would like to be a part of the interview, click here, and you’ll find yourself magically transported to the RRT blog.

The giveaway contest is still going strong as well. Don’t forget to leave a comment, and you’ll be entered to win a free copy of When Love Takes Over. Also, keep in mind that there are a total of eleven stops on my tour, and if you leave a comment, you could potentially be entered into the giveaway a total of eleven times. How cool is that?

A Tour of Provincetown: Tea Dance

As some of you might know, my latest release from Dreamspinner When Love Takes Over is set in the fabulous locale that is Provincetown, Massachusetts. In that book, the reader gets to experience P-town’s unique settings and one-of-a-kind parties.

Now, even though readers are treated to Zach and Van’s romp through these places, I figured it might be fun to provide a more intimate look at some of the best locales in Provincetown. So, today, I’ll be starting with the famous Tea Dance.

Just what is a Tea Dance?

Well, it’s a party that occurs daily on the pool deck of the Boatslip, which is also a hotel.

Tea Dance July 2013

More men than you can shake your stick at! Well, almost!

Another view of Tea Dance

Another view of Tea Dance

After purchasing a drink from one of the many bartenders, our personal favorite is Maria because she’s totally AWESOME, you then walk the length of the deck, drink your cocktail, and socialize. And BOY, do we socialize!

When your drink is finished, you repeat the process as many times as you can make the trip back to Maria. Just how many is that for me? Well, let’s just say that our alcohol purchases have taken care of Maria for life.

Then, there’s the dance floor, where DJ Mary Alice spins her tracks. From Solid Gold to 80s music and contemporary, there is music to fit most everyone’s tastes, and the dance floor is typically packed tighter than “a power bottom being double penetrated by two horse hung tops.” (That’s a direct quote from WLTO.) 😀

While it’s nothing like Zach’s first time on the Tea Dance dance floor, here’s a little video clip of us getting our groove on!


So, there you have it. Just a small glimpse at Tea Dance in Provincetown. Hopefully, some day you’ll join us. And if you can’t make it to P-town, you can always follow along with the adventures in The Provincetown Series. 🙂

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #6–Books Books and More Books

It’s a new week, and it’s a new stop on my When Love Takes Over blog tour over at Books Books and More Books. It was nice to see the folks over at BBaMB again, and we had a good time. Which is always important.

Today, I talked about book titles and why they are so important. The title for When Love Takes Over is very special to me, so I share why that is and why choosing the right title is an important part of a book. If you’re interested in what I have to say, click here and a wormhole will open up underneath you and deposit you over at BBaMB.

Make sure you leave a comment because doing so will enter you to win a free copy of When Love Takes Over. Since this blog tour will consist of eleven stops, you could be entered to win eleven times. Those are some good odds there!

My Family is Not Screwed Up Enough For TV

Just what the hell does the title of today’s blog post mean? Well, to explain, I need to go back in time a couple of weeks.

I was contacted on my author Facebook account by an individual. Let’s call him Barry.

Well, not quite who I meant, but sure, let's go with it.

Well, not quite who I meant, but sure, let’s go with it.

Apparently, he’d read one of my blogs on parenting and wanted to get in contact with me about potentially being a part of a new television series about gay parenting. I was like:





So, I didn’t give it much thought until I checked my e-mail. Guess what I found?

That's right! Another e-mail from Barry!

That’s right! Another e-mail from Barry!

I clicked on the link Barry provided, and it took me directly to a casting studio. And right there on the website was the general casting call for the show Barry was inquiring about.

It was real.

The diva in me instantly began contemplating the various wardrobes I’d have to purchase. If I was gonna be on television, I needed to be seen in brand new clothes.

That would be a good start

That would be a good start

I couldn’t wear what I’ve been wearing all summer.

You're speaking to the choir, Endora!

You’re speaking to the choir, Endora!

Then there was the new haircut. Just how would I style my hair for television? Did I need highlights or maybe just a color? I am forty now, and there’s a bit more grey on my head than I’m used to. I needed to call my hairstylist pronto!

Yes, Tabitha does my hair. What? You don't believe me?

Yes, Tabitha does my hair. What? You don’t believe me?

So as I had my people call Tabitha’s people, I mentally planned the inevitable shopping spree as well as the customary changing room montage we’ve all seen in some of our favorite movies.


Then I realized I’d forgotten about two important facts: I had yet to call the man back or broach the subject with my husband.

Yeah, that was an OOPS!

Yeah, that was an OOPS!

I called my husband and told him about the offer. After talking to him, I called Barry’s number he provided in the e-mail. During the conversation, he informed me that the show was about “extreme parenting” and that it was for Bravo.

All I heard was Bravo! The former home of Project Runway and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. The channel that featured the first and only gay-themed Bachelor-type reality show Boy Meets Boy. Where Queer Eye for the Straight Guy first aired, and home to the one-season only disaster I loved to watch Hey Paula.

Then I realized Barry was still talking, and that I hadn’t been listening. I’d been too busy accepting my Emmy for Best New Reality Show.

And the Emmy for Outstanding Lead in a Reality Show goes to...

And the Emmy for Outstanding Lead in a Reality Show goes to…


Um, where was I again? Oh, yeah, the phone call.

Well, Barry was going on about extreme parenting. What the hell did that mean? Was extreme parenting something like taking your kids skydiving to teach them about the importance of a parachute in life?

I needed some clarification.

Apparently, “extreme parenting” meant spoiling your children to excess. Or being a helicopter parent who never let your kids out of your sight. Or being extremely permissive and letting your teenager have sex and providing the condoms and the bedroom.


That’s just a


Well, after talking to Barry about how my husband and I parent, well, he wasn’t very interested in us. My Emmy dreams were dashed yet again!

Susan Lucci, I feel your pain!

Susan Lucci, I feel your pain!

But it didn’t last. In fact, I’d never felt better in my life.

Being rejected for television meant that my family wasn’t a train wreck. Sure, we have our issues. What family doesn’t? We fight, we laugh, we cry, but most importantly we love and support each other.

While that might not make good drama for television, it makes our lives great.

To me, that’s better than any award.