When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #5–Sid Love

I’m closing out the first week of my When Love Takes Over blog tour over at Sid Love’s blog. It was my first time to stop by Sid’s neck of the Internet, and I had a good time. Hopefully, he might even invite me back during my next blog tour. Maybe a bottle of tequila might help. Since I drank his. Oops!

Just what did I do over at Sid’s blog today? Well, I did something I haven’t done before. I had my characters interview me. That’s right! Instead of my usual character interviews, I handed over the keyboard to Zach and Van, who double teamed interviewed me for Sid. It was a lot of fun, and the interview got a little out of hand. Those boys are crazy!

If you want to read the interview, click here and Sid will send a limo over to pick you up.

And I know I’ve said this before, but don’t forget to leave a comment over at Sid’s blog. If you do, you’re entered to win a free copy of When Love Takes Over. If you comment on my other blog stops, you increase your chances of winning. Who doesn’t like to win?

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #4–Dawn’s Reading Nook

Dawn has invited me back over to her blog as the next stop on my When Love Takes Over blog tour, and I was thankful she asked me back. Some photos of hot men disappeared shortly after my last visit, and how that happened is still a mystery. Luckily, she didn’t notice that I took more pictures were missing this time.

So what did I talk about over at Dawn’s Reading Nook this time around? Well, I’m glad you asked! Since When Love Takes Over is a part of The Provincetown Series, I thought it would be fun to share some tips I’ve learned about writing a series. If you’re so inclined, click here to read my tips and let me know what you think.

Did I get it right or did I miss anything?

Also, don’t forget the giveaway at the end of the tour. All you have to do is leave a comment at Dawn’s Reading Nook and be entered to win a free copy of WLTO. If you follow my tour, you can be entered to win at each stop which increases your chances. More chances to win is always a plus, right?

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #3–Babes in Boyland

What better place to be today promoting When Love Takes Over, then over at Babes in Boyland? It’s my second visit to the land of boys, and let me tell you, there’s no other place quite like it. There’s alcoholic beverages everywhere, so naturally I fit right in!

Today, I answer the question: “what is the allure of gay porn?” I offer my top four reasons why so many of us just LOVE to see two (or three or four) men get it on! If you’d like to read what I have to see, click here and hunky men will descend from on high and carry you over to Boyland. Hope to see you there.

Also, don’t forget the giveaway is still going on. If you leave a comment over at Babes in Boyland, you’ll be entered to win a free copy of When Love Takes Over. Who doesn’t love free stuff? I do!

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #2–MJ O’Shea

Today, I’m over at fellow author MJ O’Shea’s blog on the next stop of my When Love Takes Over blog tour. I’m so excited to be hanging out with MJ. It’s like Albuquerque all over again.

What am I chatting about with MJ? Well, I’m talking about why I set my Provincetown series in Provincetown, Massachusetts. If you want to know what I said, click here, and you will be whisked away to MJ’s part of the Internet, where she has tea, cookies, and a meaty legend just waiting for everyone!

Also, don’t forget the giveaway is still going on. If you leave a comment over at MJ’s blog, you’ll be entered to win a free copy of When Love Takes Over. Who doesn’t love free stuff? I do!

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #1–The Pen & Muse

I’m so excited because today When Love Takes Over is finally available from Dreamspinner! I have been impatiently waiting to finally be able to share Provincetown with my readers, and now I can! (Yes, I’m doing the happy dance right now!)


To kick off release day, I am starting my blog tour for When Love Takes Over. Today, I will be over at the Pen & Muse, where I’m interviewed about how WLTO got started, my inspiration for writing, and more. If you have the time, click here to stop on by.

As always, there will be a giveaway at the end of the tour. All you have to do is leave a comment and be entered to win a free copy of WLTO. If you follow my tour, you can be entered to win at each stop which increases your chances. How great is that?

I hope to see you there, and before we go, one final SQUEAL from me. It is release day after all. I’ll be squealing all day long. (Yeah, my poor family!) <3

The Naked Truth With Wt Prater

Today, I’m excited to have Wt Prater over in my neck of the online woods. He’s here to discuss his latest release and the subject of polyamorous relationship.

Poly: The Naked Truth

This post began at a dinner party. My wife and I, along with another couple who were also in an open relationship, or having dinner with a third couple who had never heard of such a concept. And after what felt like a million and a half questions, the most dreaded question came out: So basically here in an open relationship you’re cheating on someone, right? To which I answered a most adamant NO. After more questions, we revisited this question and were asked what the difference is. I answered, “ Three words. Honesty and communication.”

Now I am thirty-four years old, so I cannot say that I have figured out everything regarding relationships, not even my own. I still have not figured out how much honesty is too much. There are those of the mindset that everything should be answered completely honestly, but I’m here to tell you if she asks you does this outfit make me look fat or bad and you answer that question honestly, someone will be sleeping on the couch. Perhaps with the few bruises. With that said, I am as brutally honest as I can be without intentionally hurting anyone. And this is my agreement with my partner: do not ask a question that you do not want a completely honest answer to.

 So how does this relate to Enver and Deanna of Exercising His Options? When I wrote this story, almost two years ago, I wanted this couple to be a representative of a faithful, loving pair that grows and becomes something different – maybe better, maybe worse. I wanted Enver to be challenged and for Deanna to understand this did not undermine the love that Enver had and has for her, but rather this growth will be a phoenix to a new level in their relationship. I have read a lot of fiction and seen various TV shows where dishonesty and look disloyal to break the bond. That is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to ensure that those elements were not present in this story. I wanted to show a couple that were blatantly honest with each other, for better or for worse.

The second element of an open relationship that I feel is incredibly important is communication. About everything, exhaustively. There is an old saying, “it is easier to ask forgiveness than for permission.” This saying does not work in an open relationship, at least not for me. If I want to pursue a relationship with someone else or my wife decides that she wants to, we sit down and discuss it beforehand, talking about the pros and cons and how any additional relationships and/or commitments will affect our relationship. Sure we both make mistakes and often have to come back together and apologize to the other for miscommunication or lack of clarity. But the point is that for us, we both need to understand that our relationship with each other is the priority. Number one. No exceptions.

When writing Exercising His Options, I felt it was very important that the two of them have clear, concise communication even when facing the fear of ill reactions to such. Enver and Deanna both fight to make sure that the other knows that this relationship, their relationship, is the most important thing in the universe. Period.




"Addicktion" with Wt Prater

“Addicktion” with Wt Prater


Exercising His Options

When Enver Mann started jogging every morning, it was at his wife’s provocation. After a year, he’s still at it, but now it’s his choice. Little does he know, that choice may open up a whole world to him. While jogging one day, he happens upon two men having sex, and for the first time he wants that. The man with the red hair and the incredible ass. And while his mind might second guess him, his wife doesn’t. When she instigates their encounter, Enver knows he will never look at life, or sex, the same way again.


Wt Prater is a writer, having four short stories in various states of publishing, and approximately thirty works in progress. Just Write and SO Gay is his blog, which he strives to update weekly. He is a producer and host on Blog Talk Radio, partnering with Writer’s Online Network of which he helps lead. He is also an Assistant Organizer of the Nashville Writer’s Group. Online, he has active social networking on Facebook, Twitter, Fetlife, Linked In, Tumbler, Goodreads, and Meet Up. In real life, he stays just as busy bouncing around in his non-profit volunteering from the GLBT community to the BDSM community to church community.


As Enver Mann looked at Kurt’s hair caught in the wind, and the freckles on the back of his neck that disappeared somewhere into his jacket, Enver wanted nothing more than for this man to lay him down and kiss him. All of course while he was fucking him as hard as he could.  The breeze continued to blow the leaves up and around, creating still more of the tornado like shapes. As the sun continued to peek out of the sky, from behind a cloud, Enver noticed that it now set its gentle light on some places while leaving some spots completely dark. He looked at Kurt again and saw that the light bounced from his copper hair to his now sweaty shirt. For the first time that he could remember in his life, his mouth actually watered for a sexual act. Thinking of that tender flesh, and the taste he had been yearning for since he had first seen Kurt, he got even harder. Every dream and desire for the last week or so had all involved this man, in some form or fashion. His wife made sure of that.

Book Trailer for When Love Takes Over VIDEO

I have created a book trailer to celebrate my latest novel, When Love Takes Over. The book releases on August 5, 2013. I’m thrilled about this release because Provincetown is one of the best places I have ever visited. It’s filled with wonderful people and the setting is beautiful. I wanted to write a series that captured the beauty of the landscape as well as the characters who both visit and live on the Cape.

I have also interviewed the two main characters from the book. If you missed the interview with Zach, click here. If you missed the interview with Van, click here.