Character Interview with Tom Martinez of Chasing the Sun

Today, I conclude my interview of the two main characters from my upcoming release, Chasing the Sun, which is the second book of The Provincetown Series. If you missed my interview with Gil Kelly, click here.

Chasing the Sun

Today, I’ll be interviewing Tom Martinez, who is a thirty-year old restauranteur, who is returning to his home town of Victoria, Texas.

Tom Martinez

Tom Martinez

Tom, thank you for stopping by. I know you’re an extremely busy man these days.

Tom: That’s putting it mildly. But when I got your call, I was intrigued. So I just had to come. Besides, any publicity is good publicity. Especially since I’m trying to grow my parents’ restaurant into what I’ve always seen it to be.

What’s the name of the restaurant?

Tom: Tequila Sunrise. Not very original I know. But it’s been a pretty popular Mexican food restaurant here in Victoria for years. Lots of locals know about it so I can’t change it’s name now. Even though I’d love to.

So if your parents’ restaurant has been so popular over the years, why do you want to change things up so badly? I assume it’s been doing pretty good business. It’s been open for how long?

Its doors opened in 1994 so almost twenty years now. And I can’t deny that it’s done a steady business, but the customers who typically frequent the restaurant are aging. I’ve got to find a way to appeal to a younger demographic. It’s not because I have anything against the older generation. I think they’re great. Believe me! But in order for the restaurant to survive, I need to attract a new generation of customer. Otherwise, my parents’ legacy won’t last, and that’s something I’m intent on achieving.

You seem like an extremely motivated man. Have you always been that way?

Tom: (laughing) All of my life. I don’t know if I’ve ever acted like a child. Even when I was one. I’m not saying I had an awful childhood or anything. My parents were awesome. I really lucked out there. And I had tons of friends so I wasn’t some lonely kid eating lunch by himself all the time. To be honest, I’ve been blessed. But I’ve always known who I was and what I wanted out of life. I guess having that clear sense of direction for as long as I can remember has helped motivate me. It’s kept me focused.

And what is it that you want out of life? What has been your motivation for all these years?

Tom: Well, this is gonna sound really sappy, but I swear it’s true. I’ve only ever wanted to be true to myself.

What do you mean by that? Were you ever not true to yourself?

Tom: I’ve always been true to myself. You see, I’ve known from a very young age that I was gay. I heard the way kids at school called each other “queer” or “fag,” so I knew liking boys was not something others readily accepted. Not even some people in my extended family. It’s hard realizing you’re gay when friends, family, and the media tells you it’s wrong. But I never believed any of that crap. I was who I was. No one was going to change my thinking on that or make me doubt myself. I was simply me, and that wasn’t wrong.

Wow! That’s quite an adult approach for a child. I won’t lie but I’m a bit floored. There are some grown men who don’t possess that level of confidence or self-esteem. And you’ve had both since you were a kid!

Tom: I know, and I find it quite sad that most people don’t love themselves enough to believe the same things about themselves. We get so caught up with being just like everyone else. And that’s just a recipe for disaster. We can’t live for what our neighbors think is right or wrong. As long as we’re not hurting someone else, it’s really nobody else’s business.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Tom: Sorry. I tend to get on my soapbox. Sometimes you’ve just got to shut me up.

Don’t apologize. This is something you obviously feel strongly about. But I did want to ask: who was the first person you came out to as a child?

Tom: My best friend Zach.

And how did Zach take it?

Tom: Quite well actually. He was a bit stunned, but it wasn’t the fact that I was gay that freaked him out. It was that I was so okay with it. Zach’s always had these personal demons he’d been battling. His family life wasn’t great, and he had a hard time getting along with his father. So I think it threw him to learn that I was okay with who I was. Even though it might cause me problems. Zach wasn’t that way at all. He believed he had to be what everyone else wanted him to be. I tried to help him, but I couldn’t change Zach. I could only be there for him when he needed me. That was really all I could do.

Are the two of you still friends?

Tom: Yes. We’re not as close as we used to be. He’s moved to Dallas and a lot has been going on in his life recently. So he just hasn’t had the time to reach out to anyone. But I’ll be here for him when he needs it, and I’ll always will.

I have to say: you sound too good to be true. Not only are you a fine-looking man, but your confident without being cocky. You’re motivated in life. You have a good head on your shoulders and a kind heart. You are quite possibly what others might describe as the “perfect” man.

Tom: Ha! I’m far from perfect.

How so?

Tom: Well, for starters. I’m pushy and opinionated. That’s been problematic in some past relationships. Although most guys think they want a man to stand up for himself, they really don’t. Most men prefer to get their way and have the final say. I’m not saying I have to have things my way all the time, but is compromise such a bad thing? For some of my ex-boyfriends, it has been. It was either their way or the highway. Which is why I’m single.

Are you really? I find that hard to believe.

Tom: It’s true. I’m single, but I’m hoping not to be for much longer.

Now, you’ve piqued my interest. Who has caught your eye? Tell us about him.

Tom: (shaking his head) Sorry. That’s not gonna happen.

Why not?

Tom: Because I don’t know if it will ever happen.

That sounds rather ominous and self-defeating. Especially for such a confident man as yourself.

Tom: I may be confident, but I’m also a realist. It keeps me grounded and my head out of the clouds.

What’s wrong with flying through the sky in search of a dream that others might call impossible?

Tom: Just ask Icarus. He wanted to fly, so he made wings out of wax. Unfortunately, he flew too close to the sun. Impossible dreams are sometimes just that. Impossible.

Well, Tom, I truly believe that nothing is impossible. With your drive and motivation, you’ll find some way to soar into the sky and kiss the sun. Thank you again for stopping by and chatting with me.

A Few of My Favorite Things: Musicals #3–Grease VIDEO

It’s time to return to counting down my top 5 favorite musicals of all time. I’ve already shared with you why I love The Producers (#5 on my list) and Avenue Q (which came in as #4), and today, I’m going to talk about the musical that made #3 on my list:


Now those of you who know me are probably shocked as hell right now. I’m a HUGE (and that is putting it very mildly) fan of Olivia Newton-John. She was my very first diva and I was instantly taken in. I still remember watching Grease for the first time and wanting to DIE because I wanted to be Sandy that badly.

Yes, yes. It should have come as no big surprise that I was gay when I finally hand-jived out of the closet twenty years later.

So why did Grease make the #3 slot on my list?

Well, did I mention it has Olivia Newton-John in it? I did? Okay, well it also has John Travolta, who at the time, I wanted to be my boyfriend so bad. Who knew that all I needed to do was become a masseur to have him? But oh well! Que sera sera!

But beyond Olivia and John, this musical has everything! Infectious songs, an outstanding cast, and a great story about love.

Normally, I would share a synopsis of my favorite musical, but since Grease is such a classic, I doubt that it is necessary. We all know the story!

So let’s get to the numbers that still make me smile to this day.

Summer Nights

If there was ever a song that was an epitome of a musical, “Summer Nights” is definitely it. In just a few short notes, most everyone can identify the song, and why not? It’s a fun song about summer loving. Many of us have experienced that first summer love, and to relive that feeling every time we see this number, makes it very special to me.

Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee

Even though this number doesn’t have my Olivia, it is still one of my favorites. When I first saw Grease, I remember instantly hating Rizzo. I certainly could relate to Sandy being picked on. All I wanted to do was rush into the screen and tell Sandy that I’d be her BFF and then we could both slap the shit out of slutty Rizzo. But with maturity, I see that Rizzo’s attempts at making fun of Sandy were a result of her insecurities rather than anything to do with Sandy. Isn’t that the way it always seems to go?

You’re the One That I Want

This song is one of my absolute favorites from the musical. Not only does Sandy get her man but she shows him she can be a badass leather chick. I remember thinking: hey, I can do that too. And I’ve gotta admit, I pride myself on being a mixture of nice and naughty, and who do I have to thank for that? Why Olivia Newton-John of course!

So there you have it. Because of the great cast, numbers, and plot, which all still hold up to the test of time, that is why Grease is my third favorite musical of all time.

Character Interview with Gil Kelly of Chasing the Sun

On October 16th, the second book of The Provincetown Series Chasing the Sun releases from Dreamspinner Press. I can’t tell you how excited I am! Writing this series has been a labor of pure, unadulterated love, and I’ve been pleased by the reception the first book of the series When Love Takes Over has received. I’m glad to know that the characters and Provincetown have resonated as much with the readers as they have for me.

Even though Chasing the Sun is part of The Provincetown Series, however, it is a spin-off of When Love Takes Over. This means that for this book (and this book only) we leave Provincetown and the kooky characters we’ve come to love like Nino, Gary, Penny Poison, Quinn, and Tara and head back to Zach Kelly’s hometown of Victoria, Texas.

Why are we leaving Provincetown in a series titled The Provincetown Series?

Good question!

We’re leaving P-town because I just had to tell the story of Zach’s father. Those of you who’ve read When Love Takes Over already know that Zach and his dad have a complicated history. Chasing the Sun fills in the gaps readers might have had regarding their relationship, and we get to see the man Gil Kelly really is and not just what his son perceives him to be.

So to celebrate the upcoming release of Chasing the Sun, I’m going to be sitting down with the main characters from the novella spin off.

But before we get started, here’s the book’s blurb to give you a bit of a background:

As a physician and prominent citizen of Victoria, Texas, Dr. Gil Kelly took a hard fall when his vengeful wife revealed his infidelity with other men. Closing ranks around her, the town’s elite ostracized him, and his relationship with his children was nearly destroyed.

After spending his life focused on living for others, he has no idea how to live for himself. He wants to find love but now settles for anonymous sex that only further clouds his world with shame and guilt. Gil believes finding true love is an unobtainable dream, what his father used to call “chasing the sun.”

Then he runs into Tom Martinez, his son’s childhood best friend, who returned to town a grown man and offers everything Gil needs. But Gil hesitates to fall into Tom’s arms, because after his high-profile divorce, the potential scandal of loving a younger man could separate him from his children permanently.

Spin off of When Love Takes Over (1st Provincetown Series book)

ChasingtheSunORIGSo first up on my interview couch is none other than Gil Kelly, a fifty-something physician from Victoria, Texas.

Gil Kelly

Gil Kelly

Gil, I want to thank you so much for taking time out of your busy call schedule at the hospital to sit down and answer a few questions.

Gil: Not a problem at all. I was actually quite flattered that you were interested in interviewing me for your Internet show. What is it you call it again?

It’s “From Gay to Z.” And though I wish it were a show, it’s not. It’s a blog. But how fabulous would it be if I got my own show? I see myself on Bravo. Or ABC. I would love to be related to Sofia Vergara’s character on Modern Family.

Gil: (laughing) Who wouldn’t? She’s a beautiful woman. I’d love to be on that show too, but with my luck, I’d get cast as Ed O’Neill’s older brother.

Oh, please, you’re not old enough for such a typecast, and you know it.

Gil: (grinning) I know no such thing! Do you not see my silver hair? I’m old, and that’s okay. I embrace my age. There’s no reason not to.

Well, it’s my personal opinion that older and distinguished men are quite attractive. And the silver hair, well, excuse me for growling at you, but I find it extremely sexy. I think a lot of my readers will too. And we should all embrace our age. We are only as old as we feel.

Gil: Well, sometimes when I wake up, I feel every year that I’ve lived in my bones.

Let me ask you a question about that: do you think you are sometimes so bone weary because of your age or because of the great emotional stress you’ve been under the past five years?

Gil: Wow. You don’t pull punches do you?

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be rude, but I am curious. You’ve undergone a rather messy, high-profile divorce. That had to be hard on you.

Gil: (sighing) It’s been awful. Donna, that’s my ex-wife by the way, has made it her mission to make my life a living hell since our divorce. People who I thought were my friends went over to her camp. I’ve become a social pariah. And in a town of only 60,000 that makes for some pretty lonely days and nights. But I guess that’s the price I paid for pretending to be someone I wasn’t.

You mean pretending to be straight.

Gil: Yes. Back when I was growing up, being gay just wasn’t an option. You were expected to find a gal, get married, and produce as many children as possible. At least that’s what my parents wanted. Especially my dad. He was pretty hard on me. Not wanting me to hope for things I couldn’t have. Definitely more of a pragmatist while I was always more of a dreamer. He didn’t support my decision to go to college or medical school. He thought I was trying to be more than I was destined to be.

What were you destined to be?

Gil: Well, according to my dad, a working class man just like him. He didn’t believe in higher education. He put faith in his strong back. A man was a man if he got dirty and worked hard. He didn’t understand that I didn’t want that for myself. That I had a passion for medicine. He said that my dreams were like “chasing the sun.” I was after the impossible and I would never catch it.

But you did. You became a doctor even though your dad didn’t support you.

Gil: I did. And by chasing my dreams, I alienated myself from him. He said he didn’t know me anymore now that I had an education. He claimed I was somebody new. Someone he didn’t recognize.

That’s sad.

Gil: (nodding) It is. But now that I’m older and a bit wiser, I think he was worried that I’d think less of him. As if I’d see him as a worthless worker bee like so many others had seen him as. I only wished I had realized that before he passed away.

So you always had a difficult relationship with your father. Were things better between you and your children?

Gil: You would think it would be, wouldn’t you? But no. Things weren’t better for me and my kids. My daughter Sami and I were close, but that was more because her mother basically neglected her in favor of our son Zach. I tried my best to make up for that with Sami, but I never felt as if I was enough. As for Zach, well, I think Kelly males are destined to forever be at odds. No matter how I tried to reach out to Zach as a child, he resented me. Nothing I did ever seemed to be right. And truthfully, I can’t say that I blame him. I was hard on him. I wanted him to be whatever he wanted, but I think my desire to have him chase whatever sun he wanted ended up with him resenting me for pushing so hard.

What about after the divorce? Did things get worse?

Gil: Boy, did they ever! After Donna got her revenge by exposing my secret, my children were destroyed. Our relationships, which were already tenuous, dissolved almost completely. I haven’t spoken to Zach in years, and Sami, well, she tries, but I can tell her heart isn’t into it. I don’t think she will ever be able to forgive me.

And Zach? Do you think he will forgive you?

Gil: Never. Not even in a million years.

I’ve got to be honest, Gil. Your life sounds like a mess. And not even a hot mess, which can be fun. You’ve lost your family and your friends. And you intimated that you basically live as a hermit. Is that correct?

Gil: Sad but true.

Do you plan on being alone forever? Is there no light at the end of your tunnel? No sun for you to try to catch?

Gil: To be quite honest, I think the sun has set for me, Jacob. At least in terms of a normal life. Maybe one day I’ll see the light again, but I think I’ve consigned myself to the darkness. It’s not like I’m lonely all the time. Thanks to the wonders of technology, there are hookup apps and websites for men like me who are unable to sustain relationships. I might not ever find love again, but when I need it, I can at least be consoled by a stranger’s touch. While it lasts at least.

I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time. I truly am. But somehow, I don’t think you’ll live in the dark forever. The sun may sometimes set, but it always rises again. Somehow. Some way. I guarantee it.

Well, Gil, that’s all the time we have today. Thank you again for stopping by and sharing a bit of yourself with me and my readers.

A Few of My Favorite Things: Musicals #4–Avenue Q VIDEO

It’s time to continue the countdown of my favorite musicals. Last time, I talked about The Producers, which came in at #5. Today, we move on to the #4 spot with


Now why did Avenue Q make #4?

Well, it’s because it was an ingenious mixture of The MuppetsSesame Street, and Melrose Place. I mean, really? Who doesn’t love puppets who sing, curse, and have sex? And there was even a character playing the role of Gary Coleman.

Yes, that Gary Coleman

Yes, that Gary Coleman

Needless to say, I was rolling in the aisle for much of the show.

If you’re not familiar with the plot of Avenue Q, here’s a brief synopsis:

The puppet Princeton, who’s just graduated from college with a B.A. in English, is searching for a place to live. He starts on Avenue A but has to travel all the way to Avenue Q to find an apartment he can afford. On Avenue Q, he meets his love interest, the virginal Kate Monster, as well as a cast of characters that include both humans and puppets living in harmony. Princeton is searching for his purpose, bungles up his life along the way, but has the support of his friends to see him through to the end.

During his journey, Princeton meets two other puppets Rod, an anal-retentive and closeted homosexual, and Rod’s roommate, Nicky. Rod and Nicky are supposed to represent Burt and Ernie from Sesame Street fame, and in one of the most hilarious numbers, Nicky inquires if Rod is gay.

If You were Gay

Princeton’s girlfriend, Kate Monster, is a teacher, and she has gotten a job to teach Kindergarten. She is ecstatic about trying out new curriculum revolving around the Internet. Unfortunately, fellow apartment dweller Trekkie Monster, tells her the Internet is for porn.

The Internet is for Porn

And lastly, the cast tackles the subject of racism and politically correctness. This scene features Kate Monster, Gary Coleman, the Asian Christmas Eve and her fiance Brian.

Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist

So because of these unique numbers, hilarious lessons on life, and the wonderful mixture of puppetry and human acting, Avenue Q lands at #4 on my list of favorite musicals.

Shocking Ways Gay Sex Can Make Straight Men Better in Bed

I’m sure many of you are wondering if the title of this post is true. Can gay sex make a straight man better in bed? The answer, in my most humble opinion, is

5427792290_Hell_Yes_answer_1_xlarge Now, I’m sure there are some straight men staring rather dubiously at the screen right now.

See. I told you!

See. I told you!

They might be thinking that I’m just trying to get some poor, unsuspecting hetero into bed or that I’m just full of shit.

I can guarantee all readers that I have no ulterior motives and that I know what I’m talking about. In fact, I think many straight women might just agree with the points I’m going to make.

So for all you straight boys out there, grab a seat and take some notes because you’re on your way to getting a leg up on sex with a woman by reading about how two dudes get it on!

Foreplay is Required to Ride

You got that right, Betty!

You got that right, Betty!

Most straight men aren’t known for being lovers of foreplay. They want to skip the kissing and cuddling and head straight for Vag-land.

Seem familiar?

Seem familiar?

For many couples, it’s quite common. And why not? It’s the final destination after all, so straight men see anything before entering the land of milk and honey as a waste of time.

However, the journey is just as important as the destination. Would you rather fly cross country in coach or First Class? The destination is the same, but how you get there is vastly different.

Gay men understand that, and while we have no desire to visit Vag-land, we so love our frequent jaunts to Assvile.

Yay! We're almost there!

Yay! We’re almost there!

I think the different destination is why gay men are better at foreplay than straight men.

We can’t just rush into Assville.


Yes, I know!

Entering Assville takes careful planning and preparation. All hasty visitors are quickly denied entrance, and then everyone goes home sad. That’s why foreplay is integral for gay men. During the kissing, caressing, and massaging, relaxing occurs. While men lie in each other’s arms, gazing intently into each other’s eyes, the passageway to Assville is made ready.

Foreplay brings the couple together in spirit before the joining of the flesh, and learning that lesson is one step in the right direction.

Communicate or You Masturbate

Exactly, Lana!

Exactly, Lana!

Being verbal in bed is hot. No one wants to have sex in silence. That’s just weird.

But why is it that the noises most straight men make in the bedroom are so similar to the sounds they make while watching a televised sporting event? There is no crowd cheering you on in the bedroom, and the cheerleaders exist only in your fantasies.

Sure, groans, moans, and the occasional growl are appreciated, but the lips and the tongue should be used for more than just providing oral pleasure.

Keep calm and let me explain

Keep calm and let me explain

Women are auditory, and men are visual. And guess what? Most gay men are tuned into that and as a result are typically sexually stimulated by what they see and what they hear.

Gay men have no problem communicating how hot their partner looks, and who wouldn’t want to hear that during sex? But more than just the endearing appraisals, gay men aren’t afraid to talk dirty. The combination of the nice and the naughty can be mind boggling.

So learning to open your mouth and communicate with your partner is vital to being better in bed. If you can’t do that, well, then just stick with your hand. You don’t have to talk to it or buy it dinner.

Switch It Up or Hang It Up

Now, you're talking!

Now, you’re talking!

Variety is the spice of life, and variety in the bedroom just makes life that much better. However, some straight men can become complacent, especially in marriage. When they were single, it was all about the hunt, chase, and score, but once they are married, straight men lose that hunting instinct. Why hunt when they already have their prey at home waiting to be stuffed?

But women, especially married women, enjoy believing they are still worthy of being hunted. Gay men understand that. Even though we are married/partnered, gay men still go to clubs and enjoy when another man checks them out. It makes us feel as if we still got it going on. Who doesn’t like that?

That’s why gay men understand the importance of variety and try to avoid complacency at all cost. Who wants to do missionary every night?

Yeah, me neither

Yeah, me neither

What’s wrong with dressing in leather and a harness?

I agree completely, Sponge Bob!

I agree completely, Sponge Bob!


Why not sneak off into woods and see how much wood a woodchuck could chuck?


Because that woodchuck can definitely chuck wood

Learning to change up bedroom activities and keep it from becoming routine is the final important step to being better in bed. Don’t be afraid to try new things together. The both of you won’t like everything, but chances are you will find a handful of new activities both of you will enjoy.

That’s just a win-win for everyone, don’t you think?

Guest Appearance on Brynn Stein’s Blog

I’m over at Brynn Stein’s blog today. She graciously allowed me to be a guest, and I couldn’t have been happier. Brynn sure knows how to make a fellow feel welcome with all that alcohol and naked man flesh. Naturally, I will return posthaste!

So what did I talk about over at Brynn’s? Well, she interviewed me about my latest release When Love Takes Over and I also share a snippet of my WIP, the final book of The Provincetown Series, When Love Comes to Town

If you’re interested in the interview and/or the excerpt, click here and head on over to Brynn’s blog.

A Few of My Favorite Things: Musicals #5–The Producers VIDEO

Today, I’ll be starting a brand new semi-regular series, where I’ll chat about some favorite things of mine like movies, music, television shows, or whatever strikes my fancy. And I’m going to be tackling my favorite things in a countdown fashion. Why? Well, who doesn’t love a countdown? I know I do! I like to see if my favorites match up with whatever countdown show I’m watching, and if they do, I cheer. If they don’t, I boo and think the people who build the countdown are idiots.

Except this time, the idiot will be me!

Wait. That’s not what I meant. What I wanted to say is that I will be in charge of the countdown because, well, this is my blog so


And today, I’m starting with musicals. Why? Well, I LOVE musicals! I don’t know if it’s the singing, the costuming, the dancing, or maybe just because I’m really gay.

Well, maybe not that gay!

Well, maybe not that gay!


Now that's more like it!

Now that’s more like it!

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, musicals.

I just can’t get enough of them. And when I first got the idea for this series, I just so happened to be watching a musical. So naturally, it just made sense to start with the musicals that have made me want to move to New York City and become a Broadway star!

And #5 on my list of favorite musicals is:


Why you ask?

Well, honestly, it’s because it has some hilarious musical numbers, which I will be sharing with you below. However, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, here’s a brief intro:

Max Bialystock, played by Nathan Lane in the most recent version, is a Broadway producer who has a reputation for bringing flops to the stage. He is being audited by mousy accountant Leo Bloom (Matthew Broderick), who unknowingly gives Max the idea to swindle his investors out of their money by knowingly setting out to produce a flop. Max and Leo become partners and decide to hire the worst playwright, actors, and directors so that their show is destined to fail. That way, they can keep the two million dollars they are planning on raising to fund the flop. Unfortunately for their scheme, their flop, Springtime for Hitler, becomes a satirical hit.

Naturally, since they are looking for the worst, this leads to those hilarious numbers I mentioned. The first of those is sung by Uma Thurman’s character, Ulla. She wants to break into the business, and this first scene is her audition for Max and Leo.

When You’ve Got it Flaunt It

Next up, Max and Leo search out the worst director in the business, Roger DeBris, who is truly over the top and played by Gary Beach. Roger doesn’t want to do the musical because a show about Hitler would be too sad. He prefers to keep his shows gay!

Keep it Gay

The last number I will share is perhaps the funniest of them all. The actor who was originally cast to play Hitler in the show breaks his leg, and the only person who knows the part is Roger, the very effeminate director. The casting switcheroo is what turns the show into a sensation. Plus, it had me laughing so hard, my stomach hurt!

Springtime for Hitler

So there you have it. These numbers are why The Producers made it to #5 on my list of favorite musicals.

Which show made #4? Stay tuned!