Awards and Commendations for Jacob’s Books.



 Awards for 3

Cover Photo by D.W. Skinner



3 won an honorable mention for it’s cover art. Check it out here.



 Awards for The Gifted One

Cover Art executed by Reese Dante

The Gifted One


The Gifted One received an honorable mention from the Rainbow Awards ~ Excellent, well-realized, and very pleasantly character-driven. Despite the fact that I am weary unto death of semi-supernatural love triangles, I really *liked* all the characters in this book. Matthew is the sort of character I wanted to bring home and serve cookies to while smiting anything that might do him harm… check out the Rainbow Awards



 Awards for Chasing the Sun

Cover art by Michael Breyette

Chasing the Sun




 Awards for When Love Takes Over

Cover art by Michael Breyette

M/M Romance Series: 3rd place

2014 3rd

My Fiction Nook Author of the month February 2015

Banner AotM

Awards for Being True

Sensual Reads Reviewer’s Choice Award: Best New Adult