“Soul Struck” Month Long Promo Tour: Week 5

It’s hard to believe that the final week of the Soul Struck month long promotional tour is here. It seems like just yesterday I was preparing for the tour, creating the graphics, writing the content, and recording the videos, and now the tour is almost over. How is that possible?

I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the content I’ve shared. If you missed any of the previous weeks’ contents you can find the stops for week 1 here, week 2 here, week 3 here, and week 4 here. You can go back and enter the giveaways at those sites if you haven’t done so already. :)

Thank you so much for joining me on this tour!

Here are the stops for the final week:


12/28 My Google+

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12/30 Ab Fab Book Blog

12/31 Loving the Books


“Soul Struck” Month Long Promo: Week 4

It’s hard to believe that we are in week 4 of the Soul Struck month long promotional tour. I’ve had so much fun hopping across the Internet and sharing content, graphics, and mini-author readings with all of you, and the fun continues in week 4!

If you missed any of the other stops, you can find the schedule for Week 1 by clicking here, Week 2 by clicking here, and week 3 by clicking here.

If you haven’t entered for the giveaways at the hosting stops, don’t forget to do that. There’s still time to enter!

For those of you who want to know where I’ll be this week, here are the stops:


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“Soul Struck” Month Long Promo Tour: Week 3

It’s Week 3 of the Soul Struck promotional tour, and it’s hard to believe that we are at the halfway point already. Even more exciting is the fact that Soul Struck releases tomorrow, Monday, December 14. SQUEAL!!!

I hope you’ve been having a good time on the tour so far because there is still much more to come! I’ve placed the stops and date for this week below. If you missed any of the other stops, you can find the schedule for Week 1 by clicking here and for Week 2 by clicking here.

Don’t forget there are two giveaways as part of this tour, so make sure you enter as many times as you can!


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12/20 You Gotta Read This


“Soul Struck” Month Long Promo Tour: Week 2

It’s hard to believe that the first week of the Soul Struck promotional tour has come to an end, and it’s time to announce the start of week 2! In just a little over a week, the third book of the Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge series will be released, and I get to share Pierce’s story with all of you.

First, we still have another week of graphics, blog content, and mini-author readings to enjoy before the December 14th release of Soul Struck. If you missed any of the content from week 1, you can find it here.

If you wonder where I’ll be this week, you’ll find the information below:

12/7 My Google+

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12/9 MM Good Book Reviews

12/10 Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents

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12/12 Fan Girls Love Books

12/13 My Book Chatter


Announcing the “Soul Struck” Month Long Blog Tour–December 1-December 31

Can you believe it? On December 14, the third book of the Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge series, Soul Struck, releases, and Pierce Blackmoor, Mason and Thad’s older brother, snags the role of the main character away from his younger brothers. Believe me when I say there was much complaining about this from Mason and Thad.

In Soul Struck, we travel even farther into the shadows and secrets that have hounded our characters in the first two books as well as bring to close the first (yes, the first!) story arc of this series while also setting up the new story arc that will begin in book four. As if that isn’t enough, we also get to meet the young man who forever changes the way Pierce views the world.

In case you haven’t seen the cover for Soul Struck yet, here it is!


Isn’t it gorgeous? It was created by Dreamspinner’s own Paul Richmond, who I am forever indebted to for creating such beautiful covers for this series.

To celebrate the release of Soul Struck, I will be on a month long whirlwind tour that will include both pre-release and post-release stops. I’ll be sharing graphics, blog posts, and mini-author readings that will hopefully whet your appetite for Pierce and his story. The content will be shared on my social media (so if you aren’t following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, now is the time to start) and other blog sites that have generously agreed to host me on my tour. Starting tomorrow, you can find more information over at my Havenbridge site, which is dedicated to the world of the Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge. You can be magically teleported over to that site by clicking here.

Also, I will be hosting a giveaway at special stops along my blog tour. Readers have several chances to win a free ebook from my backlist as well as enter to with the grand prize award–a $50 gift card to Amazon.

I will be providing a list of dates over at my Havenbridge site, so make sure you check there every week, but for now, here are the stops for week 1.


12/1 My Facebook Page

12/2 Books that Are a Must Read

12/3 Joy & Isa Love Books

12/4 My Twitter

12/5 Here Is What I Read

12/6 Jazz Book Reviews


“Blood Tied” Pre-Release Extravaganza Week 4

Wow! We have finally reached the final week for pre-release promotional tour for Blood Tied, the second book of the Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge series. It’s hard to believe that in just a little over a week, I finally get to share Thad’s story with all my readers, and I’m super excited!

But release day is still over a week away. Right now, we still have one more week of the 30 days of content I promised everyone. I hope you’ve enjoyed the graphics, mini-author readings, and blog posts over the last three weeks. If you missed any of the content, you can find links to them here, here, and here.

Here’s where I will be for this final week.


8/31 The Grimoire

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9/6 The Blogger Girls

9/7 Blood Tied Releases

Who Are the Fae?

In Blood Tied, the second book of the Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge series, readers are introduced to another magical species–the fae or fairies.

When most people think about fairies, they envision tiny, androginous sprites fluttering around on paper thin wings or they go straight to the fairy we all know the best

The One and Only Tinkerbell

The One and Only Tinkerbell

While the fae in the Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge series can reduce their size, they are not what most of us think they are.

That then begs the question:

Who are the fae?

Unlike the rest of the magical community, the fae are comprised of pure, natural magic that originates from the Gate, the source of all magic in the world. They represent the first sentient magical creatures to walk the earth and are tasked with performing life’s natural processes to keep the world running smoothly.

In order to carry out their duties, they are divided into two species–the light fae and the dark fae.

Often mischievous but usually kind-hearted and gentle, the light fae consist of fire fairies, air sprites, water spirits, and gnomes who are tasked with fanning the fires of creativity and the hearth, ushering in the winds, safeguarding the waterways, and protecting the earth. The fae magic at their command derives directly from the elements but in a purer form than the one witches and warlocks access.

The dark fae deal with the more negative aspects of life, heralding death, torturing the guilty and lazy, instilling greed, and inciting murder. This makes their demeanors extremely different from their light fae cousins. They can be sinister and wicked, which is reflected in the darker fae magic they wield.

The abilities of all fae are rumored to rival that of warlocks, witches, and wizards. However, since the fae reside in Otherworld, a plane of existence separate from Earth, they are not seen as a threat to many within the magical community.

So there you have it–a brief introduction into the fae as I have created them for Blood Tied. Believe me when I tell you, there’s a lot more to them than I could possibly put here, and there’s a whole lot more to tell!

“Blood Tied” Pre-Release Extravaganza Week #3

It’s hard to believe that I’m past the half-way point on the Blood Tied pre-release promotional tour. Where has the time gone? If you missed any of the content from the two previous weeks, you can find a list of the dates and places I visited over the past two weeks by clicking here and here.

Here is where I will be for week 3:

8/24 The Grimoire

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The Magical Elements–Fire

In one of my last posts, I started talking about the magical elements that form the foundation of magic in my series The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge. If you missed the post on the magical element of earth, you can find it by clicking here.

Today, I’m going to tackle the magical element:



Fire is considered one of the strongest elements and one of the most unpredictable. It is the only element that is creative and destructive, and it is the only element that consumes another element to exist and grow. It gives us the ability to cook our foods, warm our homes, and light up the darkness.

Fire represents our passions. It governs intensity, desire, intuition, and creativity. It is a projective and transformative force used to cleanse and purify and to change or destroy. Magic that derives from the fire element personifies the emotions of the caster. In the right hands, it can be used to protect or banish negativity. In the wrong hands, the harnessed power could be used for selfish and egocentric motives such as rage or lust.

Those who draw their power from fire are considered creative, bold leaders, who are charming and passionate. Their wills are strong and often volatile. Cross swords with them at your own peril.