“Soul Struck” Month Long Promo Tour: Week 3

It’s Week 3 of the Soul Struck promotional tour, and it’s hard to believe that we are at the halfway point already. Even more exciting is the fact that Soul Struck releases tomorrow, Monday, December 14. SQUEAL!!!

I hope you’ve been having a good time on the tour so far because there is still much more to come! I’ve placed the stops and date for this week below. If you missed any of the other stops, you can find the schedule for Week 1 by clicking here and for Week 2 by clicking here.

Don’t forget there are two giveaways as part of this tour, so make sure you enter as many times as you can!


12/14 My Google+

12/15 My Facebook Page

12/16 Jam Book Blog

12/17 TTC Books and More

12/18 My Twitter

12/19 Joyfully Jay

12/20 You Gotta Read This


“Blood Tied” Pre-Release Extravaganza Week 4

Wow! We have finally reached the final week for pre-release promotional tour for Blood Tied, the second book of the Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge series. It’s hard to believe that in just a little over a week, I finally get to share Thad’s story with all my readers, and I’m super excited!

But release day is still over a week away. Right now, we still have one more week of the 30 days of content I promised everyone. I hope you’ve enjoyed the graphics, mini-author readings, and blog posts over the last three weeks. If you missed any of the content, you can find links to them here, here, and here.

Here’s where I will be for this final week.


8/31 The Grimoire

9/1 My Twitter

9/2 Joyfully Jay

9/3 Ever After Romance

9/4 My Google+

9/5 My Facebook Page

9/6 The Blogger Girls

9/7 Blood Tied Releases

“Blood Tied” Pre-Release Extravaganza Week #3

It’s hard to believe that I’m past the half-way point on the Blood Tied pre-release promotional tour. Where has the time gone? If you missed any of the content from the two previous weeks, you can find a list of the dates and places I visited over the past two weeks by clicking here and here.

Here is where I will be for week 3:

8/24 The Grimoire

8/25 My Twitter

8/26 Charlie Cochet’s Purple Rose Tea House

8/27 The Grimoire

8/28 My Google+

8/29 Love Bytes Reviews

8/30 My Facebook Page


“Blood Tied” Pre-Release Extravaganza Week #2

So far the first week of the Blood Tied pre-release promotional tour has gone off without a hitch. I’ve had fun sharing the graphics I’ve created, the mini-author readings I’ve recorded, and the blog posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed them too. If you missed any of them, you can click here for the list of dates and places I visited last week.

Here’s the list for this week’s stops:

8/17 The Grimoire

8/18 My Twitter

8/19 J.P Barnaby’s Author Website

8/20 The Grimoire

8/21 My Google+

8/22 My Facebook Page

8/23 M.J. O’Shea’s Author Blog

I hope to see everyone there!

The “Spell Bound” Blog Tour

Hey, all. I’ve got some exciting news. My blog tour for Spell Bound starts today. For more information on it including the dates, stops, and giveaways, click here to head on over to my Havenbridge website a one-stop show for all things involving my magical world.

The “Please Remember Me” Blog Tour: The Final Stop–Literary Nymphs

The Please Remember Me blog tour comes to an end today at Literary Nymphs. I end the tour with a song playlist inspired by the book. If you’re interested in listening to it or entering the double giveaway, then click here to head on over. It’s your last chance to try to win a copy of an e-book from my backlist or the $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Please Remember Me Blog Tour: Stops 9, 10, & 11

My Please Remember Me blog tour made three stops over the past few days.

I’m over at Guys Like Romance Too where I blog about my inspiration for the novel.

At It’s Raining Men, I talk about the origin of my latest book.

Finally, at Sizzling Hot Books, I sit down for an interview.

The double giveaway is still going on over at all three sites. You have a chance to win a free copy of a book from my backlist at each site, and the grand prize is a $50 Amazon gift card!

I hope to see you all there! <3

Please Remember Me Blog Tour: Stop #8–Joyfully Jay

I’m spending some time with one of my favorite gals today–Joyfully Jay! She’s the next stop on my Please Remember Me blog tour. Today, I sit down for an interview with my characters Santi and Hank. As usual, the interview doesn’t quite go as planned. Those characters have a mind of their own some times. If you’d like to read the interview or are interested in the double giveaway, then click here and one of Jay’s studs will arrive on a white steed to take you over to her place. <3

Please Remember Me Blog Tour: Stop #7–Christy Loves 2 Read

I’m over at Christy Loves 2 Read today for the next stop on my Please Remember Me blog tour. I wrote an interesting post about me and my muse, the finicky little bastard. We have a love/hate relationship at times, so I wanted to share that with you. The double giveaway is still going strong, so if you’d like to read my post and enter for the giveaway then click here and Christy will send limo to collect you. 😀

Please Remember Me Blog Tour: Stop #6–TTC Books

The Please Remember Me blog tour rolls into TTC Books today, where I sit down for an interview with the gorgeous Tammy. We talk about my writing process, my life, my latest release, and my upcoming projects. There’s a double giveaway going on, so if you interested click here, and you’ll be whooshed on over to TTC Books. <3