Book Trailer for When Love Takes Over VIDEO

I have created a book trailer to celebrate my latest novel, When Love Takes Over. The book releases on August 5, 2013. I’m thrilled about this release because Provincetown is one of the best places I have ever visited. It’s filled with wonderful people and the setting is beautiful. I wanted to write a series that captured the beauty of the landscape as well as the characters who both visit and live on the Cape.

I have also interviewed the two main characters from the book. If you missed the interview with Zach, click here. If you missed the interview with Van, click here.

Book Trailer for The Gifted One

I have created a book trailer to celebrate the release of my new novel The Gifted One. The book will be available on April 5 from Dreamspinner Press. I’m so excited about this release! It combines my love of horror and romance, so I hope you enjoy it!

Also, I conducted character interviews with the main characters from the book. If you missed them, click here for the interview with Matt and here for the interview with Gabriel.

God: It Getteth Better

A few days ago, I posted about a new book releasing on November 1, 2011 titled The Last Testament: A Memoir By God written by David Javerbaum. (Click here to read the post, which includes a preview.)

Simon & Schuster, who are publishing the book, released this YouTube video from God who wanted to add his voice to the “It Gets Better Campaign.”

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Book Trailer for MORAL AUTHORITY

I’ve created a book trailer for my novel Moral Authority, thanks to the wonderful program that is called iMovie. What have I done without iMovie before this?!?! I’m beyond addicted. Likely, my addiction will be the subject of a future blog as friends and family members alike turn against me and run!

Anyway, here is the video. I hope you enjoy it!