Prepping for GRL in Atlanta

It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since GRL last year in Albuquerque. In just two short days, I will be jetting across the sky and landing in Atlanta, where I will be reunited with the awesome people I met last year and where I can’t wait to meet a whole slew of new folks.

I know, right? Pretty damn exciting!

I know, right? Pretty damn exciting!

But along with the excitement, I’m also extremely nervous.

Yup, that's about right

Yup, that’s about right

Why? Well, because I’ll be doing an author reading on Saturday, October 16th at 10:10 at GRL. Sure, I’ve read in front of my college students before and even video taped readings for my Dreamspinner Facebook chats. Those were easy peasy. This is VERY different. This will be my first reading of my work in front of my peers and readers.

Okay, so maybe terrified is a more accurate description

Okay, so maybe terrified is a more accurate description. I hope I don’t make a fool of myself like forgetting how to speak English or wetting my pants. If I do, it will be like first grade all over again.  I barely survived that unfortunate situation the first time. I doubt my heart could handle a repeat occurrence.

As long as I remember to breathe, I should be good, right? I sure as heck hope so!

What will I be reading? Well, I’ll be sharing an excerpt from the yet to be published third book from the Provincetown Series When Love Gets Hairy. I contemplated sharing a scene from Chasing the Sun, the second book of the series which will release this Wednesday, October 16. But I thought why not share something even juicier? Like from a book that is not yet available?

Something as special as GRL deserves a far more special reading, right? I think so too. So I’ll be sharing a scene straight out of a book that is just now entering the editing stage over at Dreamspinner. How’s that for special?

As much as I am nervous about this reading though, I’m equally as excited about the parties. I’m looking forward to “One Enchanted Evening” hosted by Dreamspinner and the “Heaven and Hell Masquerade Ball” by Total E-Bound. Why am I looking forward to these two events?

Well, just take a look at the banner at the top of my blog. As the picture suggests, my author brand is “Sinfully Charming,” and thanks to these parties, I get to show both sides of my sinfully charming persona. I’ll be decked out in my tux for the Dreamspinner event. What costume will I be wearing for the masquerade ball? Well, let’s just say I’ll be showing off my more sinful side. Yes, I know: I’m a tease. But hopefully, the teasing will be worth it. 😉

Now, I need to figure out how to pack my clothes, costumes, swag, books, and assorted accoutrement into my suitcase. Honestly, I’m more worried about that than my author reading. That’s how much stuff I’m bringing!

For those of you going to Atlanta, I can’t wait to see you. For those not attending this year, I’ll be taking tons of pictures, and I promise to make them good. Or naughty. You never know what you’re going to get.