Rock of Ages TRAILER

When I was a teen in the land of the 80’s, hair bands were at the height of popularity. As most other teenagers, I spent hours watching MTV’s video countdown and waiting for my favorite Def Leppard, Heart, Whitesnake, or Bon Jovi video to hit the screen. Sadly, hair bands are no more, which is probably for the best, but the new movie-musical Rock of Ages hits theaters this weekend. If you loved 80’s hair bands like me, then you might be just as excited as I am to see this movie.

Music from Def Leppard, Journey, Foreigner, Poison, and Twisted Sister are featured and are used to tell the story about a small town girl and city boy who are trying to fulfill their dreams in rock.

Here’s the trailer.

New “Prometheus” Trailer

“Big things have small beginnings” is the new catch phrase for the upcoming Alien prequel Prometheus.

Based on the new trailer, we learn those small beginnings come in the form of ancient hieroglyphics discovered at an archaelogical dig, which lead to the exploration in space. This naturally lands them on the planet where the crew from The Nostromo headed to intercept the “distress call” that started the entire series.

This new trailer gives me goosebumps. I can’t wait!!!

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New Alien Prequel “Prometheus” Clip: Peter Weyland

The above clip is a released scene from the new Alien Prequel “Prometheus.” Click here for previous posts and here for the trailer.

In the clip, Guy Pearce who plays Peter Weyland discusses his vision of the future. The clip obviously sets up Weyland as the bad guy, but if you’re a fan of Alien mythos you already knew that from his last name. Weyland-Yutani was the company Ripley worked for in the original Alien and the one she combated in subsequent movies.

I can’t wait for the movie’s release in June.

Oprah and the Oscars: Jimmy Kimmel Live

I’m a huge Jimmy Kimmel fan, and if you missed his after-the-Oscars show last night, chances are you missed these two funny bits.

First up is Jimmy’s last sketch with Oprah. He is pitching some ideas for Oprah’s network, some of which I would definitely watch. I think a Book Club Fight Club and Dr. Vajayjay would be a hoot!

The second is a star-studdent movie premiere for Kimmel’s Movie: The Movie, which tackles all the movie genres in one film.



20 Years Ago: “Wayne’s World” #1 in Box Office

It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, “Wayne’s World” hit the box office and became the #1 movie for its weekend release. That weekend alone, the movie grossed over $11 million. I just had to share the “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene, as it’s one of my favorites and a favorite of my college fraternity brothers at the time.

HBO Takes on Sarah Palin in “Game Change”

HBO released a trailer for its new movie Game Change, which tells the story of the 2008 presidential election featuring McCain and Palin. Julianne Moore takes on the role of the former Alaskan Governor and no doubt had a great time portraying the wacky wing nut wannabe Vice President.

Based on the trailer (which I’ve included below), I can’t wait to see the movie.

(story via Towleroad)

Official Trailer for Prometheus–Alien Prequel

The first official trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the prequel to the Alien film Scott first directed in 1979 has arrived! For more information on the movie itself, click here for my previous post on the subject.

The trailer has some eerie music reminiscent of the blaring klaxons that echoed throughout the Nostromo as Ripley made her way to the shuttle. You also get some glimpses of the Space Jockey’s ship, which was the whole reason the Nostromo crew set down on the planet to begin with.

Interestingly enough, the tagline appears to have changed. It’s no longer “In Space, Something Can Hear You Scream.” It’s now, “They Went Looking for Our Beginning. What They Found Could Be Our End.”

Anyway, enough of my rambling. (Can you tell I’m excited?) Here’s the trailer.

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises is currently set to release in June 2012. This movie, once again starring Christian Bale as Batman, occurs almost ten years after the conclusion of the previous movie The Dark Knight.

This time, Batman battles Bane. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Batman mythos as told through the comic books, Bane is the character who broke Batman’s back and basically put him out of commission for awhile. Since the movie’s teaser is “The Legend Ends,” it has me wondering whether or not Batman will be walking after the movie’s end.

Also set to appear in the movie is Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. I find Hathaway’s casting a tad peculiar, but I’ll likely watch this movie anyway. I’m a big Batman fan, after all!

Love in Action Movie Trailer

Director Morgan Jon Fox is set to release a documentary titled Love in Action in March 2012. This movie follows the life of a young gay man sent to Love In Action, a Christian based ex-gay therapy “ministry.”

The parents’ decision to send their son off to be brainwashed (rightfully) sparks controversy in their town.

You may remember Love in Action (the ex-gay group, not the movie) from a previous post on John Smid, former director of Love in Action, who recently came out of the closet himself. Smid appears in the documentary spouting his support for ex-gay conversion. The fact that he is now out and proud adds validity to the film maker’s vision.

Here’s the trailer for the movie. I know I plan on watching it when it is released.

(video via Joe.My.God)

Alien Prequel–“Prometheus”

I’m sure you remember how much of an Alien fan I am from my Sigourney Weaver post a few weeks back. Well, I’ve heard some rumors for some time now about an Alien prequel in the works, and I’ve recently learned those rumors have been confirmed.

Ridley Scott, the director of the original Alien, returns to science fiction with Prometheus (currently slated for release in 2012). The prequel tells the story of how Weyland-Yutani, the company that sent Ripley and her Nostromo crew to the planet in the first film, discovered the aliens. Based on what I’ve read, we will finally learn just who/what was in that original space ship that Dallas, Lambert, and Cain ventured into.

Derelict spaceship from AlienOn the official Prometheus website, Ridley Scott is quoted as saying “the last 8 minutes of the ‘Prometheus’ story evolve into a ‘pretty good DNA of the Alien one.” That promises to be an intense 8 minutes!

Among the cast (as taken from IMDb) are Michael Fassenbender, who played Magneto in X-men: First Class, Charlize Theron of Monster fame, and Noomi Rapace who played Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Here is a trailer of the movie I found on YouTube. It looks to be a hodgepodge of clips, but it’s a good first glimpse. I’ve even heard the movie tagline will be “In space, something can hear you scream,” which is a nice play off the original tagline “In space, no one can hear you scream.”

The only sad news is that Sigourney Weaver will not be making a cameo in the film. 🙁