Shocking Ways Gay Sex Can Make Straight Men Better in Bed

I’m sure many of you are wondering if the title of this post is true. Can gay sex make a straight man better in bed? The answer, in my most humble opinion, is

5427792290_Hell_Yes_answer_1_xlarge Now, I’m sure there are some straight men staring rather dubiously at the screen right now.

See. I told you!

See. I told you!

They might be thinking that I’m just trying to get some poor, unsuspecting hetero into bed or that I’m just full of shit.

I can guarantee all readers that I have no ulterior motives and that I know what I’m talking about. In fact, I think many straight women might just agree with the points I’m going to make.

So for all you straight boys out there, grab a seat and take some notes because you’re on your way to getting a leg up on sex with a woman by reading about how two dudes get it on!

Foreplay is Required to Ride

You got that right, Betty!

You got that right, Betty!

Most straight men aren’t known for being lovers of foreplay. They want to skip the kissing and cuddling and head straight for Vag-land.

Seem familiar?

Seem familiar?

For many couples, it’s quite common. And why not? It’s the final destination after all, so straight men see anything before entering the land of milk and honey as a waste of time.

However, the journey is just as important as the destination. Would you rather fly cross country in coach or First Class? The destination is the same, but how you get there is vastly different.

Gay men understand that, and while we have no desire to visit Vag-land, we so love our frequent jaunts to Assvile.

Yay! We're almost there!

Yay! We’re almost there!

I think the different destination is why gay men are better at foreplay than straight men.

We can’t just rush into Assville.


Yes, I know!

Entering Assville takes careful planning and preparation. All hasty visitors are quickly denied entrance, and then everyone goes home sad. That’s why foreplay is integral for gay men. During the kissing, caressing, and massaging, relaxing occurs. While men lie in each other’s arms, gazing intently into each other’s eyes, the passageway to Assville is made ready.

Foreplay brings the couple together in spirit before the joining of the flesh, and learning that lesson is one step in the right direction.

Communicate or You Masturbate

Exactly, Lana!

Exactly, Lana!

Being verbal in bed is hot. No one wants to have sex in silence. That’s just weird.

But why is it that the noises most straight men make in the bedroom are so similar to the sounds they make while watching a televised sporting event? There is no crowd cheering you on in the bedroom, and the cheerleaders exist only in your fantasies.

Sure, groans, moans, and the occasional growl are appreciated, but the lips and the tongue should be used for more than just providing oral pleasure.

Keep calm and let me explain

Keep calm and let me explain

Women are auditory, and men are visual. And guess what? Most gay men are tuned into that and as a result are typically sexually stimulated by what they see and what they hear.

Gay men have no problem communicating how hot their partner looks, and who wouldn’t want to hear that during sex? But more than just the endearing appraisals, gay men aren’t afraid to talk dirty. The combination of the nice and the naughty can be mind boggling.

So learning to open your mouth and communicate with your partner is vital to being better in bed. If you can’t do that, well, then just stick with your hand. You don’t have to talk to it or buy it dinner.

Switch It Up or Hang It Up

Now, you're talking!

Now, you’re talking!

Variety is the spice of life, and variety in the bedroom just makes life that much better. However, some straight men can become complacent, especially in marriage. When they were single, it was all about the hunt, chase, and score, but once they are married, straight men lose that hunting instinct. Why hunt when they already have their prey at home waiting to be stuffed?

But women, especially married women, enjoy believing they are still worthy of being hunted. Gay men understand that. Even though we are married/partnered, gay men still go to clubs and enjoy when another man checks them out. It makes us feel as if we still got it going on. Who doesn’t like that?

That’s why gay men understand the importance of variety and try to avoid complacency at all cost. Who wants to do missionary every night?

Yeah, me neither

Yeah, me neither

What’s wrong with dressing in leather and a harness?

I agree completely, Sponge Bob!

I agree completely, Sponge Bob!


Why not sneak off into woods and see how much wood a woodchuck could chuck?


Because that woodchuck can definitely chuck wood

Learning to change up bedroom activities and keep it from becoming routine is the final important step to being better in bed. Don’t be afraid to try new things together. The both of you won’t like everything, but chances are you will find a handful of new activities both of you will enjoy.

That’s just a win-win for everyone, don’t you think?