Dangerous Relationships: Telemundo Fires Up A Gay Story

A new gay story is heating up the television sets on Telemundo. Although his father wants him to marry Nora, the closeted Diego is in love with her best friend Alejandro. Check out the clip that reveals their profession of love, the botched proposal, and then Diego and Alejandro preparing for a night of discovery. 🙂


“The River”: New ABC Series

I don’t know if you’ve seen the promos for the new ABC series “The River,” but it looks like a show right up my alley!

Not only is it produced by Stephen Spielberg but it’s also directed by Oren Peli of Paranormal Activity fame. If you’re a lover of scary shows (as I am), then this might just be the show for you. With “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story” currently not airing new episodes, I’ll definitely be watching “The River,” which premieres tonight!

Set your TiVo’s and DVR’s!

Here’s the trailer for “The River” if you haven’t seen it yet.


Ricky Martin’s “Glee” Performance: He’s Sexy and He Knows It

A couple of day’s ago, I posted about Ricky Martin’s upcoming cameo on “Glee,” which is slated for next week. Now, we have a video of Ricky Martin singing LFMAO’s “I’m Sexy and I know It” with the “Glee” cast.

If this school were real, I’d have already transferred there!

Here’s the clip.