My Writing Year in Review (2014)

As 2014 comes to an end, I found myself thinking about the goals I set for myself for this year, and I’d like to share what I’ve learned with all of you since my readers have been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals.

Goal #1–Write 240,000 Words

This was a goal I managed to meet and exceed in 2014.

Here is the breakdown:

  • When Love Gets Hairy. The third book in the Provincetown series, this novel came in at 78,000 words
  • When Love Comes to TownAt 78,000 words, this novel was the fourth and final book of the Provincetown Series
  • Being True. My first coming of age novel came it at 81,000 words.
  • Please Remember Me. A contemporary gay romance that will release February 6, 2015. It was complete at 85,000 words.
  • Spell Bound. This represents the first book of my new paranormal series titled The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge. It has been accepted for publication and will release later in 2015.
  • Blood Tied. Currently at 12,000 words, this novel is the second book of The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge series. This novel is my current WIP.

All together, I have written 397,000 words in 2014. Wow!

I can’t tell you how happy I am to see that number, especially when there are times when I doubt that I’m making any progress. After looking back, I realize I have, and that just feels amazing!

Goal #2–Increase Social Media Presence

This was another goal that was difficult because I had so many different social media sites–Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr, and Google+. It had become extremely overwhelming. So here is what I did to meet this goal:

  • I focused on Facebook. Instead of trying to take on all the social media options and do them poorly, I concentrated my efforts on one to make a difference. I created Jacob’s Junkies, a secret Facebook group, that allows fans to more intimately interact with me than in the regular FB feed. I share excerpts, giveaways, tours, and upcoming releases to my Junkies prior to releasing it anywhere else. Right now, I’m at almost 200 members, and we are still going strong. If you want to be a member, just click on the link above and ask to join. We’d be glad to have you.

Goal #3–Expand Into the Audiobook and Foreign Market

This is a goal that I could not meet on my own. Dreamspinner, my publisher, selects books for these markets based on sales. So though I set this as a goal, it wasn’t up to me to be able to meet it. Only readers like you could determine if I met this goal, and you know what? I did!

Thank you to all you wonderful readers who made it possible to meet this goal!

Goal #4–Actively Maintain My Blog

This is a goal that I, unfortunately, did not meet. 🙁

In fact, I have hardly kept up with my blog for this entire year. I could cite may reasons as to why I have neglected my blog, but they would only be excuses. Instead, I will definitely  rectify this in 2015.

Overall, after looking at this year in review, I think 2014 has been a success, and I’m extremely pleased with what I have accomplished. Still, I don’t plan to rest on my laurels in 2015. I’m  planning my goals for next year right now, which I will share with you all in a future post.

I hope you will join me. 🙂

So what were your goals for 2014? Did you achieve all you wanted to? What was your greatest accomplishment this year? I’d love to hear from you.

Jacob Z. Flores Reading from When Love Takes Over VIDEO

It’s hard to believe that Chasing the Sun, the second book from the Provincetown Series releases next week. But it’s true! It’s almost here, and I’ll be doing something special on my blog next week in preparation for the big release on Wednesday, October 16.

Today, though, I thought I’d share some reading excepts from the first book When Love Takes Over. Some of you may have already seen these from my Dreamspinner Facebook chat, but for those of you that missed them, you’ll find them after the blurb.

The Latest


Zach Kelly’s life is a shambles. His boyfriend of three years dumped him, and his writing career is going nowhere. On a whim, he heads to Provincetown, Massachusetts, to nurse his broken heart and figure out his next step. He’s expecting to find rest and relaxation on the sandy beaches of Cape Cod. Instead, Zach meets a hunky porn star during a chance encounter at a leather shop he mistakes as a place to buy a belt that is definitely not for whipping.

Van Pierce is smitten when shy and inexperienced Zach crashes through a shelf of fetish gear. Though Van’s got an insatiable appetite for men on and off the set, his porn persona, Hart Throb, hides a broken heart. He’s struggling to find the reality the porno set doesn’t offer, and Zach is fighting to find the fantasy that will set his writing on fire. The odd goofball and the suave beefcake may either find love amid Provincetown’s colorful pageantry where summer never seems to end—or more heartbreak than either can imagine.

A Little Fall Fun with Jacob Z. Flores on Gay Sex Cast

I was so honored when Dean asked me to be a guest on his show called Gay Sex Cast, which is a podcast/Internet radio show that interviews gay fiction authors as well as gay porn models. Naturally, I said yes, and why not? I LOVE talking about gay sex. And gay porn models? Well, yum!

But then, the nerves set in. What was I going to say? How much of an ass was I going to make of myself? And why did I agree to do this?

I’m not used to synchronous interviews. I’m used to blog tours, where I have a chance to think about questions before answering them. How was I going to do this? Luckily, Dean helped be feel better about the interview, so I pulled on my big boy undies and dove right in.

We chatted about parties, romance/erotica, Provincetown, and my Provincetown Series. I have to admit: I had a lot of fun. Hopefully, you all think so too. Dean was a gracious host, and his two co-hosts, Benny Morecock from CockyBoy Studios and Jamie Sanders, a Helix exclusive model, were great guys to get to know.

If you are interested in hearing the interview, click here. Let me know what you guys think.

For those who don’t know, Gay Sex Cast in a podcast/Internet radio show that interviews gay fiction authors as well as gay porn models.

Guest Appearance on Brynn Stein’s Blog

I’m over at Brynn Stein’s blog today. She graciously allowed me to be a guest, and I couldn’t have been happier. Brynn sure knows how to make a fellow feel welcome with all that alcohol and naked man flesh. Naturally, I will return posthaste!

So what did I talk about over at Brynn’s? Well, she interviewed me about my latest release When Love Takes Over and I also share a snippet of my WIP, the final book of The Provincetown Series, When Love Comes to Town

If you’re interested in the interview and/or the excerpt, click here and head on over to Brynn’s blog.

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: The Final Stop–Close Encounters of the Night Kind

Well, sadly, this is the final stop on my When Love Takes Over blog tour. I’ve had great fun traipsing all over the Internet, and I appreciate everyone who’s skipped along with me. It’s been fun, right? Of course it has! Who doesn’t love to skip?

I close out my tour with an interview over at Close Encounters of the Night Kind, and I have to tell you, I had a blast. I got to visit the dungeon, and, well, have a little me time while I was there. It was very relaxing. 😉

If you want to see what happened, click here and a leather clad Dom will appear. He’ll attach a leash to your neck and drag your naughty ass over to the dungeon. You’ll be able to read the interview, but after that, you’re all his. As if you’d have it any other way!

And this is the final opportunity to be entered to win a copy of When Love Takes Over. Leave a comment and you’re entered to win. Simple as that. If you want to increase your odds, then backtrack through the tour and leave comments at the other stops. That will increase your chances of winning. Who doesn’t like that?

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #10–Top2Bottom

It’s hard to believe that today is my penultimate stop on my When Love Takes Over blog tour. How did that happen? It seems like just yesterday I was gearing up for the tour and now it’s almost over. How sad. 🙁

Thankfully, I’m at Top2Bottom today, which always makes me happy. Yay! I just love those guys and gals. They have always been very kind to me since I first broke out onto the m/m scene, so it’s always nice to return.

What am I talking about at Top2Bottom today? Well, during my interview, I discuss some of my favorite characters, how I plot, and other fun tidbits. If you’re interested in stopping by, click here and your favorite top or bottom will magically appear. He will ride you (or you’ll ride him) all the way over to the interview. How fun, right?

Don’t forget about the giveaway. It’s still going strong. If you leave a comment, you’ll be entered to win a free copy of When Love Takes Over. I hope to see you there! 🙂

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #9–Romance Lives Forever

I’m over at Romance Lives Forever today for my When Love Takes Over blog tour. I never had the privilege of being a guest over at RLF, and I jumped at the chance when the offer was extended.

And I brought along a special guest with me to RLF–Zach Kelly, one of the main characters from When Love Takes Over. Zach was interviewed by the RLF crew, and though he was a bit nervous, I thought he did a fabulous job. Especially since some of those questions were tough!

If you’re interested in learning more about Zach, the shy and inexperienced author from When Love Takes Over, then click here, and you’ll be swooshed on over to the interview.

Also, don’t forget to leave a comment. You’ll be entered to win a free copy of WLTO.

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #8 Joyfully Jay

I was super excited to continue my When Love Takes Over blog tour this week over at Joyfully Jay. Today’s post is an extra special stop though. Not only is Joyfully Jay part of my blog tour, but I’m also over at Joyfully Jay as part of the Joyful Approach, which is designed to introduce authors to readers who will be attending Gay Romance Lit in Atlanta this year.

Naturally, I had a blast with Jay. Who doesn’t? She’s just so kind, and she completely overlooks the fact that I keep stealing her sexy manservants. I just love her for that!

So what did I chat about with Jay? Well, I talked about the stunning cover for When Love Takes Over. I gush about the artwork and also explain just why I chose the particular piece of art I did for this book. It’s a good story and involved outdoor sex. So if that’s got your interest, click here, and Jay’s former manservant will come by, swoop you in his muscled arms, and carry you over to Jay.

And while you’re at Jay’s, leave a comment to be entered to win a free copy of When Love Takes Over. The giveaway is still going on, and if you’ve missed any of the other stops, you can backtrack and leave comments over there too. It increases your chances of winning, so get to commenting!

When Love Takes Over Blog Tour: Stop #7–Romance Reviews Today

I’m over the halfway mark on my When Love Takes Over blog tour, and today, I’m over at Romance Reviews Today. It was my first visit at RRT, and I’m hoping to head back over there as soon as possible.

During my interview, I discuss my favorite scene from When Love Takes Over, and I also talk about the family and friends that have helped me in becoming a writer. If you would like to be a part of the interview, click here, and you’ll find yourself magically transported to the RRT blog.

The giveaway contest is still going strong as well. Don’t forget to leave a comment, and you’ll be entered to win a free copy of When Love Takes Over. Also, keep in mind that there are a total of eleven stops on my tour, and if you leave a comment, you could potentially be entered into the giveaway a total of eleven times. How cool is that?

A Tour of Provincetown: Tea Dance

As some of you might know, my latest release from Dreamspinner When Love Takes Over is set in the fabulous locale that is Provincetown, Massachusetts. In that book, the reader gets to experience P-town’s unique settings and one-of-a-kind parties.

Now, even though readers are treated to Zach and Van’s romp through these places, I figured it might be fun to provide a more intimate look at some of the best locales in Provincetown. So, today, I’ll be starting with the famous Tea Dance.

Just what is a Tea Dance?

Well, it’s a party that occurs daily on the pool deck of the Boatslip, which is also a hotel.

Tea Dance July 2013

More men than you can shake your stick at! Well, almost!

Another view of Tea Dance

Another view of Tea Dance

After purchasing a drink from one of the many bartenders, our personal favorite is Maria because she’s totally AWESOME, you then walk the length of the deck, drink your cocktail, and socialize. And BOY, do we socialize!

When your drink is finished, you repeat the process as many times as you can make the trip back to Maria. Just how many is that for me? Well, let’s just say that our alcohol purchases have taken care of Maria for life.

Then, there’s the dance floor, where DJ Mary Alice spins her tracks. From Solid Gold to 80s music and contemporary, there is music to fit most everyone’s tastes, and the dance floor is typically packed tighter than “a power bottom being double penetrated by two horse hung tops.” (That’s a direct quote from WLTO.) 😀

While it’s nothing like Zach’s first time on the Tea Dance dance floor, here’s a little video clip of us getting our groove on!

So, there you have it. Just a small glimpse at Tea Dance in Provincetown. Hopefully, some day you’ll join us. And if you can’t make it to P-town, you can always follow along with the adventures in The Provincetown Series. 🙂