NC Baptist Church Stands Up For Gay Marriage

Pullen Baptist Church, located in Raliegh, NC, has decided to protest the state’s proposed constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage by not performing any weddings until full marriage equality is guaranteed for all, as reported by ThinkProgress.

This decision was made by a unanimous vote of the congregation, which is comprised of approximately 650 members. When asked, “The congregants said in a formal statement that current North Carolina law – and the language proposed for a vote next year on an amendment to the state Constitution – discriminates against same-sex couples ‘by denying them the rights and privileges enjoyed by heterosexual married couples.'”

Nancy Petty, Pastor of the Pullen Baptist Church, is a lesbian and began having “a burden of conscience” while signing marriage certificates for heterosexual couples and not for homosexual couples. When she expressed her concerns to her congregation, they supported her 100% and began the process of banning all marriage in their church until full marriage equality was realized.

Stories such as these give me hope in this uncertain political climate. While the Republican presidential candidates attempt to out posture each other by proving they are best suited to support “traditional” family and beat back the oppressively sinful homosexuals and while Obama continues to waffle  on gay issues, it’s nice to see American citizens taking a stand against discrimination. These people are making their voices heard. They are telling their elected officials that they are tired of discriminatory legislation, and they won’t stand for it anymore.

One day (hopefully soon), voices against discrimination will echo throughout the 50 state capitals and The White House, and like the congregation at Pullen Baptist Church, everyone might come to believe that “As people of faith, affirming the Christian teaching that before God all people are equal, we will no longer participate in this discrimination.” 

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  1. Absolutely impressive. I too look forward to the day that all men and women are accepted and respected no matter what their race or sexual identity. Loved the article and looking forward to more. have a great day! And God bless! :o)

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