New Hampshire Anti-Gay Marriage Ads: Gay Families Are Trash

The fight is underway in New Hampshire to repeal the marriage equality law. You may remember that I posted how the New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee voted to repeal the law back in October.

Well, according to ThinkProgress, conservatives who favor the repeal of the law have begun their advertising campaign in ernest. A website has been set up that displays banners depicting homosexuals as “trashing” traditional values.

NH Gay Marriage trashes valuesAs you can see from the banner I’ve shared, stereotypes of gay men as hedonistic, scantily clad, dress wearing degenerates are juxtaposed next to a picture-perfect heterosexual family.

I won’t deny the evidence in those pictures. There are some gay men who are indeed hedonistic, who enjoy showing lots of skin, and who dress in drag, but does that make all gay men trashy?

Let’s take a look at a different juxtaposition of pictures, and you tell me.

A picture perfect gay male couple with 2 children

Heterosexual couple promoting "traditional" values?













Scantily clad (AKA naked) future heterosexual moms

Traditional grandma and grandpa with granddaughter ready for church?











As these pictures no doubt prove, gay men aren’t the only segment of society capable of hedonism, exhibitionism, or skirting “traditional” family values. The proof is in the pudding, New Hampshire conservatives (and elsewhere). As a human race, we are all capable of letting our hair down and having fun, but that doesn’t negate our basic civil rights to live our lives with the partner of our choosing.

So, those who think gays are trashy, get off your soapbox and take a look at what heterosexuals are capable of. We aren’t perfect, and neither are you.


2 thoughts on “New Hampshire Anti-Gay Marriage Ads: Gay Families Are Trash

  1. I detest the family values argument. Jacob and I take our kids to church, pray at the dinner table, and teach them right from wrong. Does this appear to be threatening family or traditional values. I think not.

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