The Gifted One: Blog Tour Stop #8 Babes in Boyland

I’m so excited to be at Babes in Boyland today for the penultimate stop on my blog tour. Naturally, I had a blast. Who wouldn’t love hanging out at boyland with all the babes? I know I enjoyed it a great deal, and I even left with a souvenir. Somehow one of the hot guys found his way into my luggage. I don’t know who tied him up and placed him there, but I’m not looking a gift stud in the mouth. I will look other places though!

The interview I did at BiB was one of my best yet, if I do say so myself. The questions were a lot of fun. I talk about how¬†The Gifted One is different from my last release¬†3 as well as some of my future projects. If you want to stop on by, click here and leave a comment. If you do, you’ll be entered to win a free copy.

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