Let’s Start Chasing the Sun

Now, that the When Love Takes Over blog tour is officially over, I figured it would be a perfect time to talk about the next book in The Provincetown Series, Chasing the Sun.

Chasing the Sun is a novella spin-off of When Love Takes Over.

What does that mean?

Well, in the case of Chasing the Sun, it means two things. The first is that this book will take us out of Provincetown and deposit us back in Zach Kelly’s home town of Victoria, Texas. So while the book is still in the same “world” as the first book, we have spun off from the original location of the series.

It also means that we leave behind most of the characters from When Love Takes Over and focus on a different cast for the novella.

Don’t fret though; our favorite MC’s from WLTO just might make an appearance or two in Chasing the Sun.

Just who will be the MC’s for Chasing the Sun?

Good question. Zach’s dad, Gil Kelly, will be one of the main characters. Zach’s best friend Tom Martinez will be the other.

If you’re wondering what will be going on in the book, well, here’s the official Dreamspinner blurb:

As a physician and prominent citizen of Victoria, Texas, Dr. Gil Kelly took a hard fall when his vengeful wife revealed his infidelity with other men. Closing ranks around her, the town’s elite ostracized him, and his relationship with his children was nearly destroyed.

After spending his life focused on living for others, he has no idea how to live for himself. He wants to find love but now settles for anonymous sex that only further clouds his world with shame and guilt. Gil believes finding true love is an unobtainable dream, what his father used to call “chasing the sun.”

Then he runs into Tom Martinez, his son’s childhood best friend, who returned to town a grown man and offers everything Gil needs. But Gil hesitates to fall into Tom’s arms, because after his high-profile divorce, the potential scandal of loving a younger man could separate him from his children permanently.

Spin off of When Love Takes Over (1st Provincetown Series book)

I hope you thought the blurb was as intriguing as I did. The folks over at DSP did a fabulous job. As always!

What else can be shared about Chasing the Sun?

Well, the novella will be releasing in October/November. Since I’ve already completed the second round of edits, I think it will most likely be released in October. However, don’t quote me on that. That’s just a guess on my part.

I will be offering up more information about Chasing the Sun as weeks progress. But there is one final thing I wanted to reveal here that I have yet to reveal anywhere else–the cover!

Chasing the Sun

It’s just amazing, isn’t it? The cover was created by Michael Breyette who also did the cover for When Love Takes Over. In fact, as I’ve mentioned before, Breyette’s work will grace the covers of all books in the series. I couldn’t be happier!

Well, that’s all I have to share with you for today. I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek at the next book in the series. Keep your eyes peeled for more in the upcoming weeks!

10 thoughts on “Let’s Start Chasing the Sun

  1. Jacob that cover is FABULOUS! I am patiently waiting for this book….mostly….kinda…when will it be out again? ::taps foot:: 🙂

  2. I’m really looking forward to this book but am a little disappointed that it won’t be a novel. Will others in this series be full length? Please? Your writing is to good to be a short read.

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